Finding the best travel deals

Travelzoo is a travel and entertainment deals publisher with over 670,000 members in Australia. It reviews thousands of deals in the market and publishes only the best offers from quality-vetted companies. The best part – it’s free to sign-up!

Travelzoo takes the work out of finding the best deals

Life is too short for a disappointing holiday, so let Travelzoo find the best holiday offers for you.

An independent travel and entertainment deals publisher, Travelzoo is listed on the US stock exchange with a local head office in Sydney and is a brand you can trust.  It works with thousands of companies globally to provide its members with the best deals from the best travel companies, wherever they might be.

Travelzoo’s team of Deal Experts spend hours researching every deal on Every offer is independently verified as the best in the market and test booked thoroughly to ensure prices are correct and the booking process simple.

Every Wednesday, Travelzoo publish the Top 20 newsletter – a handpicked selection of the 20 very best travel and entertainment deals available that week. There’s something for everyone: from cruises to European getaways and affordable domestic hotels and getaways. The Top 20 also includes a fantastic selection of local deals to choose from including restaurants, spas and musicals – all of which are researched and verified by Deal Experts too.

Travelzoo separates the great from the good. So, get inspired, worry less and travel more – sign-up today for free at

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