Travel gadgets you have at home

There’s a whole world of travel gadgets out there, ranging from inexpensive to bank-breaking, but the best travel essentials may be right under your nose.

There are three gadgets I always take with me wherever I go. I have at least one of each of these items in my car at all times and, let me tell you, they’ve come in handy on more than one occasion.

And the best part is, if you don’t already have them in your desk, drawer or pantry, they’re super cheap to buy, often replacing much more expensive items you could buy from travel stores. In other words, they’re well worth the minor investment and will give you plenty of value.

Ziplock bags
Or resealable bags, whatever name you know them by, they are easily my most versatile travel gadget. I use them to store dirty clothes, keep liquids safe from spillage, to safeguard documents, phones and valuables and even for popping in my reusable coffee cup after use. Available in all sorts of sizes, from big to small, you can use them for wet towels, dirty socks, snacks, medicines, cords, cables, chargers, to cover the filthy hotel remote – the list goes on.

If you pick up some heavy duty ziplock bags, you can also use them as cheap vacuum bags. Simply roll up your jocks, socks, T-shirts and other lightweight clothes, stuff them in, them sit or kneel on them before sealing the bag. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can save.

Occy straps
Another item that goes by many names, you can use occy straps, or bungee cords, or {enter preferred name here} for all manner of handy applications. Wrap one around your bag before checking it in to help stop your bag exploding when being ‘handled’ by baggage handlers. Or strap your carry-on bag to your wheelie case when strolling through the airport. Use one in your hotel room as a makeshift clothesline or roll up your jacket and attach to your day pack. There are too many uses for bungee cords to mention.

Bulldog clips
Seems all of my favourite free travel gadgets not only have multiple uses, but also go by many names. Bulldog clips, or binder clips, are a must in any carry-on. Use one to attach your headphone cable to your tray table, or use it as a bookmark, money clip, razor protector, toothbrush cover, cord organiser or to hold travel documents together. They’re also great for making your hotel room curtains lightfast.

Do you have a favourite essential gadget you bring from home? Do you know of any other handy household items that double as handy travel gadgets?

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