What travellers want when booking hotels post-COVID

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It’s no surprise that the pandemic will change the way we travel. From the types of trip we take, the destinations we visit, or the ways we get there. A recent survey has shown that what travellers look for when booking accommodation will also change, showing a global shift in favour of health and hygiene practices.

The survey, conducted by Skyscanner, polled 2300 travellers from across the world – including 385 Australians – who visited Skyscanner between the 1222 June this year. The study found that travellers are now prioritising cleanliness over location, star rating and even value for money.

The survey asked participants how important they felt certain features were when booking accommodation. It found that 55 per cent of all respondents now believe that sanitation and hygiene practices are ‘extremely important’ and 73 per cent of participants believe they have become more important since the spread of coronavirus. Sixty-one per cent of participants said that flexible cancellation policies were  more of a priority since COVID-19, 31 per cent that the location of the property was more important, while just 23 per cent said that the star rating was now more important.

When asked, “Since the emergence of COVID-19, how do you think your behaviour might change when it comes to your experience at the accommodation? Tick all that apply”, 48 per cent of Australians said they would “avoid shared amenities and common areas such as the gym, pool, indoor sauna”. Fifty-five per cent of us said we would “look out for sanitation/hygiene practices communicated by the property before booking” and 34 per cent said we would “opt in for in-room dining instead of eating at the hotel restaurant”. Thirty per cent of both Australian and global participants responded, “None, I do not expect my behaviour to change.”

Do you expect your behaviour to change when travelling in the future? What features would you look for when booking accommodation?

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