Never again run out of battery for your device or laptop

This funky charger will ensure you never again run out of battery for your device.

Power pack that has your back

You’re in a foreign city and you’ve been dreamily wondering the streets all day, taking in the sights. But as you turn to head back to your accommodation, you realise you’re lost. You don’t speak the local language, but even if you did, what was the name of your hotel again? You pull out your phone to realise that all that photo-taking has drained the battery and it’s gone flat.

Not to worry, though! There’s a portable charger sitting in your day pack, so you’re on the move again in no time!

It’s easy to become addicted to the convenience of technology, and why not? Especially when abroad, as it seems to be the centre of all your bookings, research, maps and more. Travel and tech seem to go hand in hand – provided the latter stays alive.

Here’s the Xiaomi 10000mAh Mi Power Bank 2. After hunting for a quality portable charger at a reasonable price, this is what I’ve settled on. It weighs less than 230g, is resistant to water and can fully charge an iPhone 6 nearly 4 times. In summary, you won’t be tethered to power outlets, or struggling to change any devices between accommodations. It’s perfect if you’re heading away from the city for a bit, but still want your devices active, or even when you’re heading out for the day.

Don’t stress about being stranded again. This high quality, low cost power pack has your back.

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    3rd Nov 2018
    When carrying a portable charger on planes make sure that it is packed in carry on luggage and clearly labeled with the specifications. We lost our old charger as it was not labelled.
    We travel a lot and find that our compact international adapter with multiple USB points is much more often used than our power pack. Many airports, planes, trains, stations, cafes have power points for charging
    Karl Marx
    3rd Nov 2018
    In Thailand all power banks must be in check-in luggage not carry on but Australia it's the reverse. Not all countries the same so check before you check-in your luggage.
    When at a hotel or other accommodation I always take a couple of their business cards & put them in my wallet or bag & if in a group hand them out to them as well. If no business cards then I get reception to write the address in both English & local language on their letterhead paper.
    3rd Nov 2018
    In China, all power packs must be in carry on luggage so that they is not likely to be affected by pressure changes and if there is a fire it can easily be extinguished. They can also easily read the specifications without unpacking checked luggage
    3rd Nov 2018
    I have the best solution to the battery problem - have 2 sets of USB cables for your devices - phone, camera, headsets, MP3 players. One set can be kept in the car and the other set in the hotel room.

    Put your devices on to charge when you go to bed and you'll not have any problems in the morning. If you're travelling between towns/cities, then you can 'top-up' the charge in the car whilst you're driving. All you'll need is a multi-port cigarette lighter adaptor, available at most auto stores.

    You have the choice of either a power board with USB ports, or a 4 or 6 port USB charger with interchangeable power socket adaptors, which are available in most stores.

    This way you don't need to have any chargers with you in your carry-on luggage, just a set of your USB cables.

    If you dare to pay for the privilege of Business Class, you'll usually (depending on the airline), have a USB charging point at your seat. I know Business class isn't everyone's cup of tea, or in the affordability range, but it does have it's little perks.
    4th Nov 2018
    Not only Business class. Many planes have USB ports in Economy

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