The world’s first robot assistant and autonomous suitcase

Meet Travelmate – the world’s first robot assistant and autonomous suitcase.

travelmate robot suitcase

How would you like a suitcase that carries itself to the airport? And what about a bag that acts less like baggage and more like an automated assistant? Well, meet Travelmate – the world’s first robot assistant and autonomous suitcase and easily my favourite travel gadget ever.

I watched the video of this during the week and I was hooked. I want one! I know I’ve said this before, but this is the best travel gadget ever!

This little beauty combines artificial intelligence with adaptive learning to navigate through people and obstacles. This means it could eventually follow you to the airport without your input.

“Travelmate will usher in a completely new era of technology and consumer gadgets.  Travelmate uses elements of artificial intelligence and a variety of sensors to navigate through crowds, obstacles and uneven terrain with ease,” claim its creators, Travelmate Robotics and Arrow Electronics.

“Most people with modern lifestyles can't live without a computer or smartphone. Now, in a couple of months, people won't be able to live without a robot assistant that helps you 24/7.”

And Travelmate is not just a suitcase. It’s the first multi-purpose robot to hit the market.

“If you've ever wanted a robot assistant, then Travelmate is the closest approximation of that fantasy so far,” said Travelmate Robotics.  

Travelmate has an anti-theft device which locks its wheels automatically when it senses that someone is trying to steal it. And if it does go missing, GPS tracking will allow you to quickly find it. It also always knows how much it weighs, so you’ll never have to pay excess baggage fees.

travelmate suitcases

And there are a range of apps and features on the way, such as:

  • being able to use Travelmate as a security robot when you're not home
  • having a personal health monitor that detects changes in your movement, temperature and heart rate
  • playing games
  • the ability to act as your personal camera man, following you and recording holiday videos.

You can pre-order your Travelmate from Indiegogo from US$499



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    2nd Sep 2017
    Fascinating. Its all on easy terrain I notice. I wonder how it goes on a rough bitumen road and like the Daleks - stairs are still an issue.
    So lets change the scenario. Parents, a toddler and a baby - hands free - Yay. The toddler runs off. You're chasing the toddler. The bag is navigating people, gutters,and brick pavers. Someone is trying to steal your bag and they are having a fight with a stubborn bag while the toddler is running up the escalator. You could switch off the connection and leave the bag behind - but then you have an abandoned bag and the security man is now chasing you.
    This is would be like "What's up doc" the sequel.
    On a more practical less humorous note though - how good would this be as a supermarket trolley, a dog walker or a pram!
    2nd Sep 2017
    If it was a supermarket trolley it could have an inbuilt pricing scanner linked to your visa card and just walk in-walk out of the supermarket with your purchases and then remotely send the trolley back to the docking station.
    Alternatively instead of the suitcase being remote controlled the baggage trolley could scan your suitcase and ticket at the car park and remotely load and scan it onto the correct plane. No on board luggage pests ever again and no more queues at security or check-in.

    My goodness, we could do so many people out of their jobs.
    Nan Norma
    2nd Sep 2017
    Ya, all hands free. Young mums can have one on the stroller while they chat on their mobile.
    pedro the swift
    2nd Sep 2017
    Interesting how technology follows science fiction/fantasy. Terry Pratchett in his Discworld series had already had luggage which followed the owner everywhere. But it had legs so it could negotiate stairs etc. Brilliant idea. Still some practical issues to sort out. Driven by batteries I guess . How long will it follow one?
    PS Daleks now have flight capability.
    2nd Sep 2017
    True Pedro - flying suitcases! They don't need to come on board. We could just send them on ahead of time. :)
    2nd Sep 2017
    What's to stop someone picking it up andrynning away ?

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