Travel trends to watch in 2020

Artificial intelligence
AI is being used more commonly to provide and improve customer service. KLM airlines is using an AI bot to help you book the best flights, and it seems to be a growing trend in the travel industry.

Biometrics is the technical term for body measurements and calculations, a technology that is often used in facial recognition and identification. According to, biometrics are becoming more commonly used in airports and hotels to help to speed up the check-in process. It can be used to confirm identity and to authorise payments.

Smart rooms
Before we can explain the concept of smart rooms, we’ll have to explain the Internet of Things (IoT). Put simply, the internet of things refers to the connections between people and technological devices. According to Forbes, in the future any devices that can be connected, will be. The implications of such ‘smart connections’ could be as simple as your phone waking you up with an alarm, and then automatically switching on a coffee machine to start brewing your morning coffee while you get up. It could also mean full cities running as efficiently as possible, with all technology communicating to determine the best and smoothest outcomes.

As hotels begin to incorporate this type of technology, hotel rooms may become more personalised, more sustainable and maintained more efficiently.

Blockchain technology cuts out the middleman when it comes to the transfer of data. This could include money, products, services, information and more. By decentralising these exchanges the travel industry can utilise efficient, traceable payments, while still maintaining transparency and security.

Virtual vacations
Navitaire, an Amadeus company, has unveiled the world’s first travel search and booking experience. From choosing dates, flights and seat selection to booking and payment, you can now browse, experience and finalise your holiday plans using virtual reality.

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