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This man is all of us at some point in our travelling careers. Maybe you underestimated how long it would take to get to the airport, or got held up and found yourself running through the terminal faced with the possibility of not making your plane.

Except this man took it one step further. Clearly not accepting the fact he was too late to catch his flight, the footage shows him jumping off an air-bridge – never mind the fact it’s no longer connected to the plane – and sprinting across the tarmac.

The astonishing incident was recorded by workers at Madrid Airport a few weeks ago. The airline involved was Ryanair (not sure they are worth the tarmac sprint but each to their own) and the flight was bound for the Canary Islands. Ryanair declined to comment on the incident, labelling it a ‘security breach’.

After launching himself off the air-bridge, the man seemingly emerged unscathed from the three-metre drop and proceeds to sprint across the tarmac, two bags in hand, intent on boarding Ryanair flight B737, which had already pulled back from the terminal.

The real catch was, the man actually caught the plane. Although the alarm was sounded at Madrid airport and the Guardia Civil Police were called, the man still made it to the Canary Islands … where he was arrested by police.

See the video below.



Have you ever missed a flight? How did you handle the situation?

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