Where in the world can you buy the cheapest beer?

The cheapest place to buy a beer is …

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How would you like a nice, cold frothy right about now? Beer is the drink of choice for many people around the world – and a staple addition to almost every holiday.

Last year the GoEuro Beer Price Index (BPI) collected prices on beers from three supermarkets and three hotel bars in 75 countries around the world. It combined the costs for each, standardised the quantity of alcohol and converted the final figure into a single currency.

The price differences are represented in the annual per capita consumption level of each country. Bratislava’s annual per capita consumption of 72 litres stacks up reasonably well against Krakow’s 127 litres, but pales in comparison to Delhi’s annual consumption of just six litres per person. The following figures have been converted in Australian dollars.

According to the BPI, the top five most expensive places to buy a 330ml beer are:

  • Geneva ($8.78)
  • Hong Kong  ($8.58)
  • Tel Aviv  ($8.04)
  • Oslo ($7.38)
  • New York ($7.22)

So where in the world can you have the cheapest?

If you’re looking to crack open a cold one for a pittance, Krakow and Kiev are tied for the best places to go, where you can expect pay a measly $2.30 per 330ml.

The five cheapest places to buy a beer are:

  • Krakow ($2.31)
  • Kiev ($2.31)
  • Bratislava ($2.35)
  • Malaga ($2.319
  • Delhi ($2.43)

And in case you’re wondering, Australia made the list too, with Sydney being the 14th most expensive city to buy a beer, at $6.40 per 330ml.

We’re not saying you need to plan your next trip around this valuable information, but if you’d like to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to the best brew in your holiday spot, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to keep this list in mind.

View the full list of all 75 countries at goeuro.com.


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    The Bronze Anzac
    17th Feb 2016
    The full list includes Manila with a price of A$0.61 per 330ml bottle at a supermarket. My just recent experience was closer to A$0.80 each. A little less if you purchase a crate of 24 bottles. Still a good price for the most popular San Miguel Beer, which is not classified as a premium beer at a premium price. What has me baffled is how can a Brewery manufacture, distribute, & retail beer for say A$0.61 per 330ml in one country, but charge A$2.50 in another. Obviously, hotel & bar costs will differ dramatically by location.
    17th Feb 2016
    Never doubt a bronzed Aussie. This article sounds like it has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese.
    17th Feb 2016
    I, too, think the prices listed above are somewhat incorrect. I'll have a bit of a "Goggle" and see what comes up.
    17th Feb 2016
    The cheapest beer Ive brought is Anchor beer Cambodia 50 cents american(cans)or around $11.50(Amer)a slab(24 cans)can get cheaper.Dearest in Europe.

    17th Feb 2016
    Back again. These figures are VERY close to the ones I found on a couple of Google sites. Well done, but still glad I don't drink.
    18th Feb 2016
    If a carton of 24 stubbies costs $40 then 6 should cost $10 not the $16-$18 that they ask for them....BLOODY RIP OFF
    18th Feb 2016
    They do good chicken in Kiev too!

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