Unruly passenger blames meds


A disorderly passenger dragged by Australian Federal Police from a Qantas plane last week has blamed his medication for his bad behaviour.


Luke Taylor, 38, went on a ‘mid-air rampage’, appearing ‘drunk’, repeatedly ignoring cabin crew instructions and assaulting two airline staff members after his flight from Perth had left for Brisbane. The plane had to return to Perth an hour after take-off and was delayed a further three hours.


Mr Taylor was restrained and arrested, during which time he also allegedly assaulted and obstructed police.


The man has since appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court, where he told the judge that he had taken some sleeping pills which led to his abnormal behaviour.


“I was just on some medication my doctor had given me, so umm obviously that wasn’t sitting quite well with me,” said Mr Taylor.


‘I’m sorry if I did upset anyone last night, ah yeah apologies.’

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