Virgin takes the knife to baggage allowance

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Virgin Australia has reduced the baggage allowance for its Velocity frequent flyers on flights to Los Angeles.

As of 11 June 2019, Silver, Gold or Platinum Velocity members booked into premium economy on Virgin’s Boeing 777 Los Angeles flights have had their checked bag allowance cut from three 32kg bags to three 23kg bags each – an overall reduction of 27kg.

Velocity Red members booked into Premium economy, or those without Virgin frequent flyer status, will have their allocation cut from two 32kg bags to two 23kg bags.

The new lower limit of 23kg replaces 32kg as the per-bag baseline for premium economy.

Business class passengers will still enjoy the 32kg bag allowance, with Velocity Red and non-Velocity members able to take on two bags at 32kg and three 32kg bags if you’re a Velocity Silver, Gold or Platinum cardholder.

These limits will apply even if you booked your flight before 11 June 2019.

What do you think of the new baggage limits?

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As of 30 June, new baggage rules came into effect at all Australian airports.

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    You must be a rich traveller Leon as your information applies to nobody I know.
    We last flew Virgin around 5 years ago because the company refused to look after its frequent flyers. At that time, from memory, you were allowed TWO x 25 kg bags on the North American route which was more than sufficient. In fact one bag per person is plenty.
    It looks like you are massaging a story here old mate because very few travellers fly premium. Cattle class describes most of us. Cheers.

    • 0

      Mick, I must be on the ‘rich’ people’s list. I’ll never fly any other class overseas than in Business. I’m on the DSP and have saved something towards my next trip. Because I’m not going for another 6 years, I have plenty of time to save more.

      Due to my disability, I require access to a lie flat bed that has no one climbing over me to get into or out of their bed or seat, nor anyone invading my space by reclining into it. I also need to take extra equipment with me to assist me in my daily life. This is where the extra bag comes in handy.

      How long did you travel for with one bag? I assume you didn’t go for too long. My preferred trip length is 12 weeks (just to see the bare essentials), therefore I take ‘a little bit’ more.

    • 0

      Choose an exit row seat.
      One bag for me. One bag for my partner (full of ski clothes). We travel for a 3 month period. Your issue sounds like you wanting to carry an extended wardrobe…..which no frequent travellers I have ever met do. Having said that we had all situations covered other than attending the grand ball.

    • 0

      Haha MICK he gets a tax rebate by reporting his overseas travels on YLC.

    • 0

      SuziJ, I cannot sit on a plane but could never afford the lie flat rate. When I got to the other end I would be so limited it is not worth my while even doing any more than dreaming and imagining. Sorry I did not travel when young but I probably would not have had the money then either.

    • 0

      have not been on a long haul flight i.e. sydney to london…in over 30 years so reckon i have earnt business class. you cannot take your money with you and i dont intendleaving for others to spend so why not indulge yourself if you have the mney

  2. 0

    The new Premium Economy limits are now in line with all other airlines that use the per bag limits.

    On BA the limits are the same – 1 x 23kg bag in Economy, 2 x 23kg bags in Premium Economy, 2 x 32kg bags in Business & 3 x 32kg bags in First Class.

    ‘Most’ airlines have a maximum weight limit with no restriction on the number of bags. These limits are: Economy – 30kg, Premium Economy – 35kg, Business – 40kg, and First Class – 45 or 50kg. These limits compared to the ones on BA & Virgin are: 7kg more in Economy, 11kg less in Premium Economy, 24kg less in Business and 51kg less in First Class.

    Now tell me which airline I’ll be flying with considering the above information?

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    • 0

      Actually…….DON’T fly Virgin. We abandoned then after several years. Crap management team and crap aircraft. FYI the Boeing 777s they use for longhaul flights should be banned from these routes. Never fly anything other than an A380….or even and old Boeing 747. These planes are built for comfort as any plane flying for over 5 hours should.
      The luggage issues are all about the wish to take a whole wardrobe with you. Real travellers never do this and one 25 kg suitcase per person is sufficient.

  4. 0

    When will airlines start to base their ticket prices on total weights: Passenger & Luggage and force passengers over 120 Kg in weight to book and pay for 2 seats? This will better represent the true costs of moving mass (weight) by air. It will also help reduce travel costs for “normal” weight passengers and increase the comfort on long flights, particularly for economy class travelers sitting next to obese neighbors.

    • 0

      I have been caught out twice with obese travellers in the next seat taking up half of mine. Made them move every hour so I could supposedly go to the toilet. One asked very rudely (after the 4th time in 3 hours) if I had a problem. I just said, I have a weak bladder like you have a weight issue. Lol. The other problem was that after about 4 hours both these people were rank.

    • 0

      SFR, maybe they are nicer than you though! You don’t know their circumstances. Did you bother to chat to them and make a connection apart from climbing over them just to make them uncomfortable.

    • 0

      Sorry Paddington but they never spoke to me nor apologised for taking up half my seat & making me very uncomfortable so why should I talk to them expect to say, “excuse me”, when I needed to get up which you have to do quiet often when you’re crammed into half a seat. I couldn’t even use the armrest, actually couldn’t even see the armrest. Eating the meal was also a challenge under those circumstances, so no, I had no interest in trying to “connect” with them so I suppose I’m the rude one.

  5. 0

    It’s not only Virgin that’s cutting baggage allowance. Emirates and Qatar, and possibly most of the other major airlines are doing it. Why? Everything boils down to money and profits. If they try to keep airfares attractively low, then they have to make up the margin some other way, and when they have exhausted other means (lighter aircraft and more economical engines), reducing the load – or charging extra for luggage – is the way to go. Effectively, the major airlines are now following the lead of the cut price airlines (Ryanair, etc.) by charging for anything and everything to boost the basic airfare. Premium economy is one of those money making tricks. Soon it will be meals, priority seating, carry-on luggage, etc. Although they may not realise it, it will quite likely deter many from travelling by air over the long period. But then again, the name of the game is profits not service.

  6. 0

    Why would anyone want to take their wardrobe with them on holiday. Nearly every place on earth has somewhere to do washing even hotels & resorts have those facilities and jocks & socks can be washed in shower and dried overnight.
    I can travel for months with 25kg 1 x suitcase. Trudging around 2 or even 3 suitcases with 23kg each is not for me, try using public transport or even taxis,
    Ya gotta be crazy

    • 0

      totally agree..i only take one checked bag and it never reached 13kg and I have one cabin bag and that is to go on a 19 day cruise. some people take far too much and you realise you dont wear almost half of it….i will cut back further next time as well

  7. 0

    How on earth can people afford to fly away for months at a time? Don’t you have to pay for accommodation and meals for all that time? Business class is super dear to begin with.
    How many people on here live week to week?

    • 0

      many people visit & stay will relatives & friends. If I have relatives coming to visit from overseas (or even interstate) they stay with me for free as well as travelling around & the odd road trip is paid for by me so not car rental etc only the occasional accommodation & food when travelling. Makes it more affordable for my friends & relatives to visit.
      As SuziJ said, she plans for her holidays & flights years in advance, probably has a special account for her holiday finances.
      Good on SuziJ & others that plan ahead for those special occasions.

    • 0

      SFR, I don’t begrudge anyone who can do that. Just amazed at the expense of it all and that people can do it. It would beyond me physically anyway but wondered about the ones who could not and can only dream. Always be aware that some who read this live from week to week, rent and are in dire financial circumstances.
      Just say you are lucky and be thankful.
      I have never cared if people have money or not only if they are good people.

    • 0

      I was just explaining how some people due manage it, not having a go, my apologies if it came across that way. I am thankful mainly for being in good health that allows me to get around with ease.
      There are many people a lot worse of than myself both in health and financially & I do acknowledge that.

  8. 0

    no one in m opinion needs that much luggage to go on a holiday

  9. 0

    I don’t do check-in bags any more. After years of carting too much stuff around in my early days, now I cannot manage it with mobility problems.

    I take one carry on bag with 4 wheels which I can wheel beside me with my walking stick in the other hand. I also travel alone, so it is so much easier to get on a train, bus, etc, go to the toilet, and do other things with minimal luggage. I loathe hanging around baggage carousels being pushed and shoved by rude ignorant people oblivious to others.

    I will admit it is not easy, but I have learnt on each trip exactly what I need to take, and over the years have slowly built up a small collection of lightweight travel clothes which only get used on trips. I wash as I go, and you can wear some things more than once, just hang up for a day or two and wear again later in the week, not the same thing every day. And remember the old trick of making sure everything you take matches, so you can make a dozen different outfits from a few items. Things like down jackets which weigh nothing and squash up small are a godsend with an extra layer underneath for cooler climate trips. I never go anywhere posh (cost prohibitive for me) so I don’t need suits and ties or any formal type clothes. I wear normal clothes and try to blend in with the locals and not look like a tourist.

    And if all else fails, unless you are going to Outer Mongolia, then there are shops! I generally don’t take shampoo, toothpaste, soap etc on the outward journey, I buy them when I get there. In an emergency, you can usually find a charity shop to buy a coat or something extra if you need it, then just donate it back when you leave.

    And finally, I only travel OS about once every three years. I have a separate travel account and try to save a little each fortnight towards the trip.

  10. 0

    I have Visions of The 19 century, all these bags in tow. Haj and British Upper Class fanning themselves while Porters Lug There Bags Around.
    If you can afford other Than Cattle Class you can afford the extra Baggage Charge If you wont to take so much with.
    Sort Stay unbelievable, several months maybe. Washing and Dry cleaning Come To Mind.

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