What should you watch on a plane?

One of the small pleasures about long haul flights is the inclusion of entertainment at no extra cost. So how do you decide what to watch?

Having recently flown back to Australia from London, I approached the task much like I would a work one and, pleased with the outcome, would highly recommend you do too. Spending 15 minutes a day prior to my flight, I had a look at what entertainment was on offer – something which is much easier to do on the internet rather than scrolling through all the sections on the small screen. While the entertainment changes regularly, broadly speaking, you have a few different options.

The new release
With new movies coming out at an alarmingly quick rate, it’s not easy to keep up with the latest releases. Combine this with how expensive movie tickets and snacks have become and it’s no wonder most of us miss catching films on the big screen. A long-haul flight is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some of those movies you wanted to see but didn’t quite make it to. Granted, the screen may be a lot smaller but the price is right and if you’re lucky, you can probably wrangle some ‘free’ snacks too!

The classic
Being cooped up on a plane for hours on end is the perfect time to re-watch some of your favourite classic movies. Not only have you got little else that’s better to do but it can also be hard to come by classic movies nowadays with DVD stores slowly becoming extinct. On the way home from London, I watched Jerry McGuire and, almost 20 years on, it definitely did not disappoint.

The feel-good comedy
Long distance travel can often stir up a lot of emotions, particularly if you’re leaving behind loved ones. If you don’t feel like embracing this time of reflection or want something to distract you, watching a comedy is a good idea. A light hearted and funny film can take your mind off some of your other stresses or concerns and help you to relax. This is also a great choice for helping to wind down before falling asleep, or for those with a fear of flying.

Your favourite TV show
If you don’t want to dedicate a full hour and a half to a movie (or your flight doesn’t have that long left) a TV show is a better choice. Long haul flights are also a great opportunity to catch up on a series you’ve been watching or start a new one. A series that doesn’t involve a lot of thinking is also a great alternative to a light-hearted movie.

A documentary
Often the entertainment options on planes can include some more obscure movies that are harder to find elsewhere. A great opportunity to feed your brain, distraction free, why not watch a biography or documentary? I watched the Amy Winehouse one on the way back from London and was blown away at not only the content, but also the cinematic way in which it was pulled together.

What’s your favourite form of entertainment to enjoy on a plane? How do you choose what to watch?

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