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World’s happiest travellers


We’ve covered the world’s grumpiest travellers, which, perhaps surprisingly for some, hail from one of the ‘smiliest’ destinations, Spain.


If that trend followed for the world’s grumpiest travellers, then one could safely assume that the jolliest of journeyers come from not-so-happy places.


And you’d be right.


The team at rewardexpert.com has trawled through 3.5 million reviews posted by guests from 83 countries, for 13,410 hotels in 70 countries, to discover which ones are least likely to give one- or two-star reviews hotels and accommodations.


The top three happiest travellers hail from Russia, Serbia and Lebanon – all countries not known for being super happy homes.


Russian travellers must just be happy to be outside of the motherland, with tourists leaving five-star ratings an astonishing 46.16 per cent of 70,775 reviews. They also left four-star ratings 36.61 per cent of the time, and a shockingly low 4.99 per cent of reviews being just one or two stars – the score that puts them atop the list.


Serbians were also extremely unlikely to leave one- or two-star ratings, with just 7.1 per cent of them leaving negative reviews. Same goes for Lebanon, leaving poor reviews just 7.8 per cent of the time.


Seems Aussies are a happy bunch both home and abroad, with 46.64 per cent of 164,137 reviews being five stars and 35.08 per cent being four star, meaning four out of five Aussie tourists are pretty happy.


Belarus was once part of Lithuania which is home to the 10th grumpiest tourists. Belarusians leave almost half of all ratings as five stars, making them five times as likely to leave a glowing review as their former landlords, Lithuania.


When Israelis leave their promised land, they also leave a whopping 51.24 per cent of five-star reviews but they don’t like leaving four-star reviews, which made up 31.41 per cent – much lower than the global average of 36.81 per cent.


The birthplace of noted grump Joseph Stalin is home to the world’s seventh happiest travellers. Of 8806 reviews left by Georgians, 49.38 per cent were five stars and just 7.22 per cent were one or two stars.


Jordanian travellers leave a five-star rating around 48.87 per cent of the time, not much higher than US tourists, who leave five-star ratings 48.67 per cent of the time. Pretty good considering US travellers totalled 459,188 reviews compared to just 1463 from Jordan.


Rounding out the top 10 is Colombia, whose natives left five-star reviews 46.16 per cent of the time and with 8.37 per cent leaving one- or two-star reviews. Colombia fell well behind the average prevalence of four-star rankings, which is why they also fell so far down the overall rankings.


So, the top 10 is:

1. Russia

2. Serbia

3. Lebanon

4. Australia

5. Belarus

6. Israel

7. Georgia

8. Jordan

9. United States

10. Colombia


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