Five classic sci-fi gadgets that have become reality

Did you ever think these science fiction gadgets would become reality?

When you originally saw these devices on science fiction movies and television, could you ever have imagined them becoming a reality? 

We now take these gadgets for granted, but it hasn't always been this way. 

Are there any particular science fiction gadgets that you're still waiting to become a reality? 


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    23rd Feb 2017
    The video does not work ???
    24th Feb 2017
    tman just click the add away
    Ageing but not getting old
    3rd May 2017
    Star Trek Transporter - with such excitement about the FIRST direct flight from Perth to London, non-stop in just 7 hours (or is it 14?), can you imagine if we could transport ourselves and luggage in just seconds, pretty much anywhere in the world at any time we wanted?
    Any number of SF sources (including Star Trek) with wonderful repairs of injuries, new organs, limbs, neural connections, healthy life extension, etc etc.
    However, there are some things shown that we're getting closer to nowadays: the S.T. Tricorder - we have GPS, infrared scanning that can detect animals & people in the dark or under cover, drone surveillance, etc. And the little scanner that the doctors use to diagnose quickly & accurately - we have remote diagnostic tools using Skype-like communication combined with computer linking of EKG, EEG?, readings and we have small blood sugar level computerised testers that can relay results to your Fit Bit type of health monitors.
    I'm sure there's more, but wow! Aren't we living in a wonderful, magical (a-la the Telstra ad...) time?
    Ageing but not getting old
    3rd May 2017
    Make that 17 hours, not 7; Oh, and what about the Jetsons' house? We are hearing more and more almost daily about having a 'Smart Home' with all of the things we can do now, and much more to come.
    One more thing I'd like to see is Androids or other human-like being who could take care of us humans in so many things; could solve a lot of the challenges we can experience as we age, physically and mentally/emotionally. There was a great series on TV (original from Sweden, I believe and another virtually identical made in the UK afterwards) about this very subject - can't remember the title, but it was on SBS and/or ABC.

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