Carer Supplement: will it still be paid and when?

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YourLifeChoices has received several queries as to whether or not the Carer Supplement will be paid this year. The good news is yes and here’s what you need to know about the payment.

The Carer Supplement is a $600 annual lump sum payment, automatically paid with the first income support payment you receive on or after 1 July. It is paid to those who are entitled to receive the following payments as at 1 July:

  • Carer Allowance
  • Carer Payment
  • both Wife Pension and Carer Allowance.

The supplement is fixed at $600 and is paid in addition to your income support payment. You may be eligible to receive more than one supplement if:

  • you receive more than one of the above payments
  • you receive the Carer Allowance for more than one person.

If you share the care for a person, or you only provide part-time care, the payment will be paid in proportion to how much care you actually provide.

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Carer payment and the Age Pension

Bill is wondering how his wife's Age pension will affect his claim for the Carer Paymen

Carers: what support is available?

The Australian Government has a range of programs and initiatives which support carers.

Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    I applied for the Carer’s Allowance last year when my brother contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) and needed full-time care when he was released from rehab. GBS is such that the patient can make a full recovery but it is impossible to predict how long that will take. Because of this, my claim was rejected as the allowance is only paid if the care is known to be needed for more than 12 months. In addition, I only found out when I contacted Centrelink (twice) some months after submitting my claim.

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      That doesn’t seem fair. This is a long term condition and help is needed for all activities of daily living. Can your brother’s doctor not help you to justify your application?

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      Go back and do it again. I suspect Colonel C’Link has ordered the underlings to reject each application at first call.. you recall the film ‘The Rainmaker’, with Matt Damon, and how the insurance company ordered that all claims be rejected automatically?

      Sounds like the same play in action here.

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      If you have kept copies of all the necessary documents e.g. medical certificates, medical reports, application forms, receipts for expenses etc – and if your brother is still needing care after 12 months, you should re-apply and request the claim be back-dated..

      Keep copies of all documents.

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      If you appeal the decision you should get it some thing similar happend to me

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    outrages…. again… instead of spending money on vermin muslims… assist those families that can assist at a lower cost than it would cost the Government… what do we have to do… really convert to fckn muslim…

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    outrages…. again… instead of spending money on vermin muslims… assist those families that can assist at a lower cost than it would cost the Government… what do we have to do… really convert to fckn muslim…

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    Ginaus – A person’s religion is not considered when their application for Centrelink benefits is assessed. (And why should it be)? Anyway, your edict to “assist those families that can assist [(sic) ‘be assisted’? ] at a lower cost than it would cost the government” already occurs by default, since any assistance paid by Centrelink IS already “at a lower cost than it would cost the government”, since staff wages, rent, power, telecommunications etc are obviously additional expenses here. So what exactly is your point?



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