Retiree’s modelling wish comes true

For years, 60-year-old Phillipe Dumas dreamed of becoming a fashion model. Seven months ago, when the company he worked for went broke, Mr Dumas found himself heading towards early retirement.

Then something serendipitous happened. Mr Dumas, who was a location and unit manager in the French film industry, gained some fame after photographs of him were posted by random people on the social networking site, Reddit.

All of a sudden, Mr Dumas’ wish came true. The Reddit posts garnered him recognition and before he knew it, he was signed to six modelling and talent agencies and has since taken part in a number of photoshoots and advertising campaigns.

Mr Dumas thanks Reddit for this opportunity, but he also reckons that his beard, which he’d decided to grow longer once he’d retired, had a bit to do with it.

“My career as a senior model is young but it starts well. I have great expectations,” Dumas said in an interview. “Fortunately new faces on the modelling market are very welcome and my beard was a plus since it is very trendy in Europe at the moment.”

Phillipe Dumas’ tale has a fairy-tale ending, and proves that it’s never too late to realise your dreams. We take our hats off to Mr Dumas and wish him well on his newfound career.

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