Toni Basil is still swinging at 72

Eighties’ one-hit wonder and star choreographer, Toni Basil, is still swinging her hips with gusto at 72 years ‘young’.

Most famous for singing the hit single Mickey, Toni Basil also choreographed routines for stars such as Bette Midler, David Bowie, Talking Heads and Tina Turner.

In July this year, Ms Basil was invited by French dancer, Babson Baba Sy, to be an undercover student in his class. When she was asked to dance for the students, the result was – let’s just say – awesome.

“I’ve always been a dancer, and I will always be a dancer,” Basil told BuzzFeed. “Dance has been my lover, my doctor. I know I have my health because of this.”

Watch as she shows off her dancing shoes to a group of young’uns at an urban dance school.

Do you like to dance? Do you move as well as Toni Basil?

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