Lamb: which are the best cheap cuts?

The least expensive cuts of meat can often be the tastiest.

Female butcher with cuts of meat

Although it can be expensive, lamb is a traditional Aussie favourite. Still, there are really good, cheaper cuts of lamb that, when properly prepared, often taste better than the more pricey cuts.

As with other cheap cuts of meat, inexpensive lamb portions require slow cooking to really get the most flavour and to make them the most tender. Slow cooking also imparts a unique flavour typical of lamb.

Without further ado, here are the best cheap cuts of lamb.

Taken from the bottom half of the lamb, a shoulder roast is a cheaper alternative to a leg roast. Simply add herbs and whole cloves of garlic and roast slowly over potatoes. You can also ask a butcher for blade chops, which are nicely marbled, quite tender and, at half the price of lamb chops, a nice cheap alternative.

Try: Kate's Roast Lamb

Scrag and middle neck
These cuts are taken from just below the head, whereas lamb neck comes from the middle of the animal. Scrag and middle neck is best diced and stewed in liquid, then served with roast vegetables. You can also ask for middle neck chops or fillets – the best cuts have a nice layer of fat running through the middle.

Try: Savoury Neck Chops

Perfect for braising, lamb neck has plenty of nicely marbled meat surrounding bone and connective tissue that, when stewed, imparts a lovely flavour and is nice and tender. Great for ragus, stews and casseroles.

Try: Lamb Rogan Josh

Taken from the back of the animal, chump chops or steaks are great for grilling, roasting or pan-frying, with or without the bone.

Lamb breast must be cooked very slowly to render the fat and so the meat can be pulled away from the rib and breast bones. You can also buy boned and rolled breast, but that will come at an extra cost.

Try: Nana's Lamb Casserole

Sirloin roast
Sirloin is the muscle that connects the loin to the hind leg and is perfect for those who don’t want to lash out on a whole leg, or who are only feeding a small group. Can be grilled as steaks or popped in the oven and roasted.

Try: Roast Lamb

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    9th Sep 2016
    Lamb cutlets are a cheap feed and come out best when baked on a rack in the oven. Sprinkle with salt, white pepper and a little bit of rosemary, plus a smear of butter.
    Roast some vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips and carrots in a baking dish in the oven with the cutlets, and you have a cheap, very tasty meal.
    Polly Esther
    9th Sep 2016
    Thanks Chef. :-)
    9th Sep 2016
    Ill bet your not game to tell us where your getting these Cheap Cutlets from :-) :-)
    14th Sep 2016
    PS.. And they were Big ones either about the size of a BBQ Lamb Chop !! :-) :-)
    14th Sep 2016
    Woolies, particolor! No sheep duffers in my family!

    What about yours? LOL
    9th Sep 2016
    Lamb Shanks used to be cheap till the yuppies found them!
    9th Sep 2016
    indeed, now ya have to pay a high price for them.
    that stuffed that up didn't it Mama

    9th Sep 2016
    No animal has to suffer for my dinner. I don't eat meat, live and sleep well.
    9th Sep 2016
    well good for you jackie, but some of us need meat to survive on, even tho yeh ok i've slowed down on the meat eating, but i still like it occasionally
    14th Sep 2016
    Give me the meat, and no-one else gets hurt! LOL
    9th Sep 2016
    what is wrong with lambs fry & bacon, if cooked slowly and lightly with lots of gravy. I buy 2 as my neighbors love it too
    9th Sep 2016
    They think Lambs Fry is Gold Nuggets now too !! :-( :-(
    9th Sep 2016
    Lamb offcuts at $3 a kilo can make a nice irish stew with potatoes and vegies.Love lamb cutlets but at prices over $20 a kilo its out of my price range.
    9th Sep 2016
    I blame the top end of town for the high prices.
    14th Sep 2016
    And I saw something today that would fit Right In with their Budgets ! :-)
    T Bone Steaks at $10.50 EACH !! :-) :-)
    9th Sep 2016
    I think Leon had better Dig Deeper !!
    Leg of Lamb :-) :-) :-) My Oven has Cobwebs in it !!
    9th Sep 2016
    In europe the cut - back strap was served up at a cost of 70 euro a kilogram !!!
    $100 Australian...
    Chris B T
    10th Sep 2016
    The size of cuts/legs it's Mutton Dressed up as Lamb at Lamb Prices.
    To dear for me.
    Pass the Ductape
    10th Sep 2016
    Cheap cuts of lamb!!? What bloody world do they - and you - come from Leon?
    10th Sep 2016
    I cant even remember what LAMB tastes like ??? :-( :-(

    11th Sep 2016
    All cuts look best on the lamb!
    11th Sep 2016
    And as far as I'm concerned they can Stay there too !!

    13th Sep 2016
    Lamb neck chops are fantastic...put in slow cooker after coating in flour and browning. Add onions, carrots, rosemary, salt and pepper. Thicken at end of cooking...taste is fantastic. Used to be as cheap as chips to can pay $7.95 a kg at Coles for them.
    13th Sep 2016
    Even Lambs Fry is Gold Nugget price here ! :-( :-( I walked straight past it again today :-( :-( But with the $3.20 RISE in October I might stand in front of it and consider for a while :-) Before walking off :-)
    14th Sep 2016
    I can buy about 6 lamb neck chops for around $7...I buy at $5.95 a kg.

    It is a very cheap meal. I don't understand that people say they cannot afford as we just have one lamb neck chop each with the veg cooked with them and I add broccoli, peas, beans to go with it.

    Will get 3 meals each which works out at around probably $1.20 each.
    14th Sep 2016
    You'll get nearly one Extra meal Free with the New Pay Hike !! :-)

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