Friday Funnies: 12 things my mum taught me

Find out how a dad outsmarts his son, the difference between heaven and hell and what my mother

Top three eggcellent Easter jokes

Easter is a time when we celebrate Jesus dying on the cross by getting a bunny rabbit to hide

Friday Funnies embraces marital madness

This week Friday Funnies says ‘I do' to some gutbusting gags about the reality of married life.

Liv's all-time favourite Funnies

We've compiled our favourite jokes of all time, do you agree?

Friday Funnies: Horror and humour

What did the scary old lady say when she found a gold cauldron? I'm gonna be witch!

Friday Funnies gets demotivational

These demotivational posters may not inspire you, but they will make you laugh.

Friday Funnies: Short jokes for the shortest month

Be warned, some of these shorties are naughty.

Friday Funnies cracks the file on our financially focused fiscal friends

Enjoy these jokes at the expense of our financially focused fiscal friends.

Friday funnies: A lot of love, a little laughter

A lot of love, a little laughter.

Friday Funnies: A rain of terror

Why did the cloud date the fog? Because he was so down to earth.

Friday Funnies: The barista and the spoon

What's the difference between coffee and your opinion? I asked for coffee.

Friday Funnies: Star signs

These jokes were written in the stars.

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