A response to pension cuts

After Treasurer Joe Hockey indicated that the Age Pension would not necessarily be safe from cuts in the upcoming Federal Budget, Richard shared his views on why the Age Pension should be increased, not cut back.

RE. Pension Cuts

1) Pensioners payments are ‘peanuts’ compared to our overpaid politicians and bureaucrats.

2) Pensioners are the biggest block of voters in Australia, so we must vote against the people implementing these cuts and/or stand candidates against them at all elections.

3) Political parties must go and be replaced by the Swiss governmental system, where ‘Voters Veto’ and ‘Citizens Initiated Referendum’ can reverse bad/unjust government decisions.

4) Provision should be made to increase ‘old age’ pensions for recipients who are also disabled, as they have additional expenses to bear.

5) Start by cuts to those who are claiming disabilities, but are clearly quite able to engage in some form of employment.

6) Age pensioners paid taxes all of their working lives and have an unalienable right to their Age Pension. Some nations set a minimum for these payments based on taxes paid during a citizen’s working life.

What do you think? Has Richard got the right of it? Can you add to his suggestions?