Ask a counsellor: 'Why won't my partner finalise his divorce?'

'My partner hasn't been with his wife for years - but he won't finalise their divorce'.

When did conversations become a competition?

Whatever happened to 'listen' and 'wait your turn', asks a weary Peter Leith.

Masturbation – is it good for you?

Sex therapist Lucy Patarcic gives a brief history of masturbation.

How to get better at saying no

Sometimes it can feel impossible to say no, professionally and personally.

How to support a family member with Alzheimer's

Every September, World Alzheimer's Month aims to raise awareness of the disease.

What older Australians want you to know about loneliness

'I tell everyone I love being on my own, but I hate it'.

Golden rules of an amicable divorce

Divorce can be a famously messy process, but it doesn't have to be, say the experts.

Friday Reflection: Do men hate women?

Are men happy that women are suppressed and second place in the race for equality?

How much privacy is healthy in a relationship?

Everybody is entitled to privacy, but when does it cross the boundary to secrecy?

Should I confess to having an affair?

Dear Fiona: I regret having an affair - will confessing help?

Paul McCartney: Why all couples should try cooking together

Time spent in the kitchen can be extra-special as a couple.

The advantages of being an older dad

Ewan McGregor, 50, welcomes son with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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