Is watching porn bad for your health? Five experts have their say

During isolation, more people watch more porn more often, but is it harmful?

Pandemic hurting finances, stress levels and relationships: report

Almost one in two Australians say they are more stressed because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Sixty and single, but a partner is not top of my to-do list

Are we all capable of making the sacrifices that ‘coupledom' demands?

Four sex-drive supplements for women

Hey girls, here are four sex-drive supplements to get your sex life back on track.

What happens to your body if you stop having sex?

Stopping sex, or even having an extended break, can have serious health consequences.

How to … expand your social circle

With loneliness on the rise, it's time to make friends and pursue your passions

The spaces that bring neighbourhoods to life

Porches, balconies and front gardens help bring our neighbourhoods to life.

Loneliness more stressful than health or financial concerns: ABS

Loneliness was the most widely reported source of personal stress for Australians.

How the pandemic has disrupted life for older adults

Researchers are concerned about the pandemic's long-term effect on cognitive function.

Feathered family fills the gaps

A very hungry ‘extended family' provides great company in Peter Leith's household.

My marriage feels more like a friendship

Fiona Caine advises on reigniting the spark when your spouse feels more like a friend.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day remotely with your mum

Here's how to show that you care - from a distance.

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