Google reveals 2016 fashion trends

Google seems to have an answer to every question, and that now includes what’s hot or not in the style stakes.

The all-knowing search engine has compiled top searches since last year to identify the most popular – and fading – fashion trends, categorised into six different categories based on similar behaviours.

So, what is in for 2016, and what is out?

Trends to watch
Biker pants and ripped jeans both fall into the category of ‘sustained risers’, making these trends safe bets.

‘Seasonal risers’ – trends that are likely to come back even stronger – include kimono dresses, rompers, the ‘coatigan’ (a cross between a cardigan and coat), shirt dresses, bomber jackets and boho dresses.

Off-the-shoulder tops, bodysuits, lace-up tops, and bralettes are all classified as ‘rising stars’, given their sudden growth in the past months, but they may no last as long-term trends.

On the out
Drop-crotch pants, see-through clothes, acid-wash jeans and babydoll dresses all make up the ‘sustained decliners’. ‘Seasonal decliners’, which are likely to decrease in demand each year, are asymmetrical skirts, sleeveless waistcoasts and maxi shirts.

Suede skirts and cord pinafore dresses were both listed as falling stars, fads that have reached their peak and have already started to rapidly decline.

The safest way to stay in style for the foreseeable future is to invest in a shirt dress or coatigan. These are both pieces that can easily be worn from work to dinner or drinks with no change required.

Read more about Google’s Fashion Trends Report

What do you think of these results? Would this report change the way you shop for the next six months or do you not follow trends when it comes to fashion?

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