How to look good in the rain

When it’s raining cats and dogs, the most tempting option may be to stay indoors, but life and work usually have other plans. Dressing for the cold can be challenging enough, so wet or wild (think extreme wind, hail) weather can make it seem impossible to make stylish choices.

Thankfully, some careful consideration will ensure that no clothes are ruined in the process of your outing, and that you will still look as stylish as ever, regardless of what the weather throws at you.

1. Choose the right shoes

It won’t come as a surprise that footwear is key in this scenario. Not only will you ruin suede shoes, but anything too open will look silly and make life hard as you dodge puddles and mud. If you don’t want to opt for full gumboots – there are some stylish ones around now – choose a good pair of sneakers or leather boots that are waterproof and have a solid grip on them. Slip sliding around is not compatible with looking stylish!

2. Head for the trenches

Your outerwear will make or break how you handle bad weather. A good trench coat is one of the best options to choose, as it not only looks polished and stylish but will also repel water. Make sure that any coat you choose is waterproof and large enough to fit over a jumper but appropriately fitted, so it doesn’t look like you raided a man’s closet.

3. Top it off

Never has there been a better time to wear a hat than when it rains. While this doesn’t replace the need for an umbrella, it does add another layer of protection and saves you having to worry about what your wet hair looks like. That said, if it’s windy, a hat will only add another thing to worry about – and who wants to chase after a runaway fedora?

4. Invest in your umbrella

A smart or cheerful umbrella has the ability to brighten up an otherwise dull and drab day. Forget reaching for another boring black ‘stick’, and choose a stylish bright one that will help you to stand out from the crowd. A golf umbrella, while not as easily stashed in a handbag, will shield you from the elements more successfully and is less likely to be blown inside out – a pet hate for anyone on a rainy day.

Below are some of our favourite wet weather wear purchases. What’s your trick for staying stylish come rain, hail or shine?

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David Jones, Automatic Open/Close Umbrella, $39.95

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