The perfect travel purse

Figuring out the best way to carry your money and small valuables when you travel can often be a bit of a dilemma. Do you go with the hidden cash strap? Or do you stuff your pockets and hope for the best?

Arden Cove is a small company that’s developed what could be the perfect travel purse. Not only are Arden Cove travel purses, bags and wallets incredibly stylish, but they’re also waterproof and theft-proof.

Featuring slash-resistant fabric lining, cut-proof straps and locking zippers, the range goes one step further by introducing iRFID-blocking pockets. What’s iRFID, you say? It’s short for Radio Frequency Identification, which is a method thieves use to scan the magnetic strip of your credit cards, giving them access to your bank accounts and holiday savings.

The cut-proof straps are also detachable, so you can transform your bag into a purse or wallet, or use it to secure your goodies to a chair or table leg.

Okay, so that’s the security stuff out of the way. Inside, the bag keeps all your bits and pieces organised, with pockets for your passport, a sleeve for your smartphone and compartments for cash, coins and other valuables.

And the best part about the Arden Cove travel purse is that it looks like a regular purse, so it won’t attract attention from would-be muggers.

Order your Arden Cove anti-theft waterproof travel purse, bag or wallet from

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