Six tips to beat motion sickness

It’s not uncommon for many travellers to feel a little queasy, or worse, to become hopeless upchucks, when they’re in motion.

An Oxford study revealed that one in three people is prone to motion sickness and yet many people don’t understand what it is.

Motion sickness occurs when your inner ear detects movement that your eyes can’t see. It also happens the other way around – when your eyes can see movement but your body can’t feel it.

This imbalance can lead to cold sweats, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and worse.

So, to prevent motion sickness the next time you fly or drive, take heed of these six tips.

1. Watch what you eat
It’s best to eat a light meal before you fly, avoid calories as well as greasy and salty foods. Also, drink lots of water to reduce your risk of dehydration.

2. Choose your seat wisely
A seat closer to the front of a plane over the plane wings will usually give you a steadier ride. The further back you go, the bumpier your flight will be.

3. Don’t read
It’s usually recommended that you keep your eyes on a stable point, such as the horizon or some other steady scene but, sadly, reading doesn’t count as a ‘stable point’. The act of reading actually adds eye movement and messes up your equilibrium. Also, looking down is no good for motion sickness, so that rules out using a laptop or tablet.

4. Keep it breezy
Turn your air vent on and keep a steady stream of air flowing over you. This will help to reduce claustrophobic feelings and also minimise nausea.

5. Press the point
Here’s a sneaky little trick that minimises motion sickness: use your thumb and push into your wrist about 50mm above the crease in your wrist. Then hold for a couple of minutes with varying pressure. This will help to improve your circulation and energy flow as well as reduce nausea and stress.

6. Drink ginger ale
When the drinks cart comes around, ask for a ginger ale and take small sips. Ginger is good for the digestive system and can help soothe an upset tummy.

If all else fails, motion sickness tablets will help to take the edge off. These may cause a bit of drowsiness, so don’t be surprised if you sleep through your ride.

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