15 simple Word shortcuts

Forget fiddling around with your mouse. Your keyboard is key to making the most out of Microsoft Word. Here are 15 fab Mac and PC shortcuts that, once learned, will certainly save you time.

Note: If you use a Mac, use the command key instead of Ctrl

Ctrl+A to highlight or select all text on a page.

Ctrl+C to copy all the highlighted text

Ctrl+V to paste all highlighted text and insert into a new document or a different part of your current document.

Ctrl+B to make text bold.

Ctrl+I to italicise text.

Ctrl+U to underline text.

Ctrl+S saves all the additions and changes that you’ve made to the document.

Ctrl+Z allows you to undo any additions or changes. You can go back as far as you want.

Ctrl+Y to redo in case you undo too much.

Ctrl+L to set the text to the left of the page.

Ctrl+E to centre the text in the middle of the page.

Ctrl+R to set the text to the right of the page.

Ctrl+F will allow you to search for and locate a word or part of text in your document.

Ctrl+P to print your document. This is faster than using the‘File > Print’ option.

Shift+F3(Shift+fn+F3 on a Mac) will change the case of any highlighted text. Hold Shift and hit F3(located at the top of your keyboard) to cycle through the options. This is useful if you’ve LEFT YOUR CAPSLOCK ON or want to Add In Capital Letters.

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