Jobs that won’t exist in 20 years

Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate, and with progress comes change. These common jobs might not exist in 20 years, or if they do, they’ll be radically different from how they are today.

Self-serve checkouts are on the rise, leading to fewer cashiers. But the self-serve checkouts themselves may soon be threatened by online grocery shopping, which is rapidly growing in Australia. Would you shop for groceries online for the convenience? 

Taxi drivers have already felt the threat of technology with ride-sharing apps, such as Uber, shaking up the industry. But the real revamp will be the advent of driverless vehicles. Taxi, truck and delivery drivers will soon be replaced by robotic implements that are able to drive without human assistance.

Fast food employees
Fast food giants like McDonalds are always looking for ways to a) maintain the quality standard of their product worldwide, and b) get food out faster. Fast food addicts can already order meals online, so the next step will be robotic cooks. This ice-cream shop in Japan is ahead of the curve. Do you find Yaskawa-kun, the ice cream serving robot, adorable or creepy? 

Finally, a job we can all agree should have become extinct long ago. Unfortunately, telemarketing calls will likely still exist, but will be performed by voice recordings. Telemarketing workers may also shift more heavily towards email and social networking spam.

Bank tellers
If you still withdraw your cash and send money through a human bank teller, you may be in for a shock as online and telephone banking will likely replace bank tellers soon. Financial advisors and bank employees will still be present, but there will be fewer of them.

What jobs do you think will be replaced by technology? And which new jobs do you think will become common?

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