Three ways your iPhone could save your life

You might not realise that the phone in your pocket can also save your life.

Hand using iPhone at night to keep safe

Your iPhone can do a lot. It can be a camera, a torch and personal assistant. You might not realise it, but the phone in your pocket could also save your life one day.  Here are three ways the iPhone’s default apps can help you out of a bind.

1. Set up your Medical ID
The iPhone’s Health app contains a feature called Medical ID. This allows you to log information about your age, weight, allergies, your emergency contact and whether you’re an organ donor – information that may be essential in an emergency. This information can be accessed by anyone, even if your phone is locked. Find out how to set up your Medical ID.

2. Activate the Find Friends app
When you’re out alone somewhere, whether that’s heading home late at night or on holiday, the Find Friends app can give you a sense of safety. It allows you to share your location with friends and family so they can know where you are and when you get home safely. To set up the Find Friends app, go to Settings > scroll down to Find Friends > tap Location and then ‘While Using the App’> tap Notifications and set the sliders according to your preferences of how you want Find my Friends to notify you of friend requests.

3. Use the Find my iPhone app
You may already know that the Find my iPhone app uses location services to help you recover your missing iPhone. What you might not realise is that it can also enable you to locate anyone by tracking them down via their iPhone. Once a person turns Find my iPhone on, any trusted friend or family member can log onto their device via iCloud and locate where the phone (and by extension, the person) is. That’s why it’s a good idea to turn on Find my iPhone, just in case.



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    13th Dec 2016
    What about the SOS app that calls and sends your position to triple zero.

    Also the maps app can be a lifesaver in certain circumstances.
    13th Dec 2016
    Why are you promoting iPhones? These days probably more people have Android smartphones. Your articles on mobile phones should be more inclusive.
    13th Dec 2016
    not if they fly!!!
    13th Dec 2016
    That was one model of one brand Mindy.
    13th Dec 2016
    - and even if you have no credit or sim card you can call 000
    13th Dec 2016
    Stop promoting anything "I". Why are you always crapping on about I this and I that. you are well and truly in the minority. there is more to life than blazenly following everything Apple dishes up. Or are you another Apple disciple that can not look pass all the spin. Androids are definitely more versatile and I would not spend the exorbitant price asked for an Iphone
    14th Dec 2016
    Andriods are far more susceptible to hacking. If you have a $10 head buy a $10 helmet - same thing!
    14th Dec 2016
    You make me feel 'how ever did I get through the last 72 years without an iPhone'. But you know what, even if I owned an iPhone, I value my privacy so I wouldn't use these 'apps'. I read '1984' in school and I don't feel the need to fulfil George Orwell's vision of the future (even if he got the time frame wrong).
    23rd May 2019
    I wish the App companies would NOT put apps on any iphones! I would rather choose the Apps I WANT, not the rubbish apps we don't need. Anyway, we did alright without it before they came out. Apple iPhones are very expensive, I get the hand-me-downs from my family member when they update their phones! Suits me fine, I only have to buy a new batttery if required.

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