Why you need to upgrade to Firefox now

Surfing the web can be risky business, so which is the safest browser?

Why Firefox is the best browser

Most of us spend hours online browsing the web. So it makes sense to be very picky about which browser we’ve using – particularly since you may be using multiple devices, for example, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.

Popular browser choices include Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – but how do you determine which is the best?

The two most important factors when choosing an internet browser are security and speed.

So, to begin with, you can strike Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge off your list. All three are comparatively less secure than the other two. Furthermore, the more tabs you have open in these browsers, the slower they function and the quicker your laptop or smartphone battery is drained.

In contrast, both Firefox and Chrome have much more thorough security features, cope better with lots of open tabs, and won’t drain batteries as quickly.

Google’s Chrome is the most popular browser, preferred by almost 70 per cent of internet users worldwide. Mozilla’s Firefox is used by almost one-sixth of the online community.

Something else to bear in mind is that computer viruses are typically targeted at the default browsers (i.e. Safari for Apple products, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge for Microsoft products, and Chrome for Google products), of which Firefox is not one.

Verdict: Firefox is our pick because it’s not a default browser, it’s the most recently upgraded option, and Mozilla is a not-for-profit company, meaning it isn’t interested in your data. Download it here.

Which is your preferred internet browser, and why?



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    Yup I Know
    26th Jul 2018
    Actually dumb idea. If yr currently using Google all info, passwords, etc., are backed up. Only use Firefox if I want to start all over again. Have fun understanding how to use Firefox
    26th Jul 2018
    I use Firefox and found nothing difficult in its use. It also saves passwords
    26th Jul 2018
    I've used Firefox for years and never had a problem with it or with understanding how to use it.
    It is free to download and use and once a year they ask for a small donation to help cover the costs of keeping it secure and current, I don't find that a problem either.
    Yup I Know
    26th Jul 2018
    Fellows you have used FFox for years. I'm talking about making the switch right now. In my past years, many years. Firefox may and does crash more than is convenient,
    26th Jul 2018
    I have never had Firefox crash, I'm using it on a PC not a laptop, tablet or android which may make a difference.
    East of Toowoomba
    26th Jul 2018
    Firefox user for around 10 years I guess.

    It is easy to use and I haven't had any problems with it in all that time. I went from Microsoft Explorer to Firefox and there wasn't any difficulty that I can recall, with learning a new system.
    Old Geezer
    26th Jul 2018
    I prefer Chrome and Windows Edge myself as they are a lot faster than the others.
    26th Jul 2018
    I have used Firefox for years and love it. I have it on my phone and tablet and they all syc with each other.
    A new feature that I use is a tracking blocker which blocks nuisance ads on websites thus speeding up when sites are loading.
    Old Geezer
    26th Jul 2018
    Of all the browsers I find Firefox the worst myself. Chrome is great as your computer can be in any part of the world you wish so that you can access things that are blocked and things that are cheaper in other countries.
    Yup I Know
    26th Jul 2018
    With you Ole Geezer. Technology is something us lay techies aren't experts in. It's all us old geezers waltzing to Rap (music).

    26th Jul 2018
    I moved to Firefox because Explorer was slow. I also use Opera now and then. There will be times when I also need to go back to Explorer. None of the browsers have everything I want but a combination suits my needs.

    26th Jul 2018
    I use only Firefox because of its add-ons.
    26th Jul 2018
    Have been using Firefox for years, and yes found it much faster and better than others. I use Chrome on my phone, but hardly ever use it.
    1st Aug 2018
    I use Avast Secure Browser. It leaves Firefox for dead.
    1st Aug 2018
    Don't you have to pay for that one Robbo?

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