Why is my iPhone crashing?

If you’ve been using an iPhone for some time, chances are you’ve experienced it crashing. One moment, you’re using an app only to have it suddenly run slow, freeze and then crash. There are many reasons why this can happen and today we show you a few ways to solve the problem.

Sluggish performance is often a precursor to a crash. iOS automatically freezes apps when the iPhone memory is full. If your iPhone is running slow or crashing, you can fix this by clearing its memory and deleting app history. This action will delete junk files that are not needed and is especially good if you’re using an older iPhone model.

If your phone is slow or crashing, try these three solutions:

Solution 1: deleting apps
Tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

Choose an app that’s taking up a lot of space then look at its Documents & Data. If the app is taking up more than 500MB, you might want to tap Delete App and reinstall in the App Store. This will allow you to start again without all the data and documents. Just be careful not to delete apps that contain data you want to keep.

Note: apps that take up the most space are often Music and Photos & Camera. You won’t be able to delete these apps but you can delete individual files from them.

Solution 2: clearing Safari web browser history
Clearing out the caches of your web browser is another way to free up memory and prevent crashes. Note that doing this will log you out of websites you’re auto-logged into.

To clear browser history:

Tap Settings > Scroll down and tap Safari > Tap ‘Clear History and Website Data’

Solution 3: doing a soft reset
For the most part, your iPhone will do an effective job of managing its own memory. But occasionally it helps to do a soft reset yourself. A soft reset essentially means you shut down the device and boot it up again, helping to clear it of irrelevant information.

To reset your iPhone:

1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button (on the top or top right side of the device)

2. Swipe to ‘slide power off’

3. Wait until the device has turned off then hold the Sleep/Wake button to restart.

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