Coke’s creepy in-flight promo fail

Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola have apparently moved into the matchmaking business, providing passengers on US flights with ‘creepy’ flirtatious napkins.

According to images posted by passengers, one napkin read “Be a little old school. Write down your number and give it to your plane crush. You never know…”

We’re not sure if ‘plane crush’ is a deliberate play on ‘plane crash’ but it doesn’t seem to send the right message when you’re twelve k’s up.

If you’ve ever been approached by someone and found it hard to leave the situation, you can imagine how much more awkward the interaction becomes when trapped in a metal tube together for a few hours.

Despite the elegant ideals airlines sell us about air travel, not many people feel their best or most attractive when up in the skies and instead, usually just want to focus on winding down and waiting it out. So having to swat off unwanted flirtatious approaches while trapped in a metal tube moving at high speeds most likely isn’t anyone’s cup of tea – ahem – coke …

Passengers took to social media to share their discomfort, one writing ‘these napkins are creepy AF” and another describing them as “awful”.

A Delta representative admits that they “missed the mark on this one” and the airline began removing the napkins from flights last month. While both Delta and Coca-Cola have apologised for the napkins, flyers who received them were left with a not-so-sweet taste in their mouths. Would you participate in some sky-high napkin flirtation? Have you ever been in an awkward number-giving situation before?

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