Hang bags have been reimagined


Remember hang bags? While lugging around those awkward carriers may have been a pain in the proverbial, arriving at your destination without crushed clothes certainly wasn’t.

Regardless of whether you roll or fold, it seems there is yet to be a crush-free way to carry clothes when travelling. Thankfully, just when you were wondering whatever happened to hang bags, they’re back and more user-friendly than ever.

Biaggi, the brilliant brains behind the concept of luggage that folds, has taken the hang bag and turned it into the Hangeroo Garment Bag. This new design can also transform into a more traditional style of travel bag.


hangaroo hang bags


Choose from either a satchel or tote style bag, which are both available in a range of colours. Once you pack your hanging clothes, simply zip the side panels up and you’re left with an interior main compartment of your chosen bag in which to fit the rest of your belongings.

Large enough to hold clothes, shoes, toiletries, cosmetics, your laptop or tablet, and many other items, Hangeroo bags are made of durable nylon fabric, that is water and tear resistant, and easy to clean. Furthermore you’ll also be protected by a two year warranty should anything go wrong. Although, with five-star reviews and the only criticism being that one customer wished it was in purple, this seems unlikely!



RRP: from US$49.98 plus shipping from Biaggi.

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