How to stay warm on a cold flight

Many of you who have travelled by plane before will know that it can get pretty chilly onboard. For unprepared flyers, the chill of a long-haul flight may be too much to bear. Luckily, a cosy flight it just a well packed bag away, using items that you most likely already own.

Beanie and socks

Keep your toes and head warm and the rest of the body will follow. A beanie serves multiple purposes. It’s warm, compact and can also help cushion your head and keep you comfy. We also recommend having at least one pair of thick, cosy socks to hand – they’re great for comfort and keeping your toes from freezing.


Let’s not beat around the bush: when it comes to snuggling in your seat, a blanket is the cosiest carry-on item you can have. Bring your own light and compact travel blanket from home, or pick up a Go-Travel Travel Blanket (or don’t be afraid to ask a flight attendant for an extra one to snuggle up with).


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: a scarf is one of the most useful items to take travelling. Bring along a pashmina or a large winter scarf – they’re compact, versatile, warm and can double up as a blanket.


They may not scream ‘fashion’ but hoodies are comfortable, warm and the hood can double up as an eye mask and a pillow. Make sure you bring one that feels soft to touch on the inside, as they will be warmer and cosier on the flight.  

Silk sleeping bag liner

Don’t be afraid to whip out a sleeping bag liner on a long flight, especially when you’re trying to get some shut eye. Silk sleeping bag liners such as the SaqBag Deluxe may not be the cheapest things to buy, but silk is fantastic at keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Do you have any tips for keeping warm on a cold flight?

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