New check-in process for all Australian outbound flights

Paperless boarding passes have been approved for all Australian airports.

New outbound check-in process

In a bold move to push Australian airports closer to automation, travellers leaving on outbound international flights will now be able to check in using electronic boarding passes.

This means travellers will now be able to check into their flights with their smartphones, and also board planes with a paperless boarding pass.

Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs Alan Tudge believes the move is one towards increased automation at our borders, similarly to the SmartGates system, which allows eligible travellers arriving in Australia to electronically self-process though passport control.

Arrivals SmartGate uses the information in ePassports and facial recognition technology to perform checks usually conducted by an Australian Border Force officer.

“Last financial year more than 21.4 million travellers were cleared through the border departing Australian international airports. This number will continue to rise,” said Mr Tudge.

“These increasing volumes mean we are always looking for ways to clear legitimate travellers efficiently and seek out those of interest to law enforcement.

“This change will cut out the need to visit the check-in desk to show your passport and collect your paper boarding pass.

“Australia is a world leader in seamless travel and this move will allow travellers to move across our border smoothly.”

Soon we may not even need to see a border guard, gate agent or flight attendant. But rest assured, they’ll still be seeing you.

What do you think of airport automation? Do you appreciate being able to move through lines faster with the help of technology? Or would you rather take your time and interact with people?



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    11th Aug 2018
    Had no idea this was 'new' as already in use. Maybe domestic.
    11th Aug 2018
    Sounds quicker but more jobs lost.
    11th Aug 2018
    That's the reason. Wages are the highest cost.

    And, don't forget public servants just slow everything down to a crawl. They've got all the time in the world and are completely oblivious to the fact that you have a plane to catch. Your needs don't come before their need for tea breaks, checking flex time accrued, checking annual leave entitlements, and watching the clock to ensure they don't work a second longer than their official knock-off time. PLUS they wear a uniform, and that gives them unprecedented power over your and your fate. This is one place where a machine is infinitely preferable.

    11th Aug 2018
    I must be the only one travelling overseas without a smart phone. With me phone and finance are separate. Where I go cash counts for a lot more than a tap card. Must admit it takes me longer to go thru the gates but what the hell when you are past 70.
    11th Aug 2018
    Have been doing this in Europe for some time. Saves queues and keeping track of paperwork. Just make sure mobile is charged to access all.
    11th Aug 2018
    I do not have a smart phone in fact I do not have a mobile phone. My husband has a mobile phone and I use his if necessary. Recently went overseas for 6 weeks and had no problems. Did have to use an electronic device in Hong Kong to obtain boarding pass and seat number but this was provided at the airport. I am in my mid 70s and really do not need a mobile phone. However, I do have a Tablet which I took with me on my trip.
    Bill R
    12th Aug 2018
    You still need to drop off your bags.
    pedro the swift
    12th Aug 2018
    Last time I flew, I thought I would be up to date and have my board pass printed at home. But of course you still have to hand over your checked in luggage so waited at the drop off place till "she" was ready to attend to customers.And what did she do, Called someone the other line to get his boarding pass "cos he had been waiting longer".
    So what is the point of having a queue for people who already have a boarding pass and only need to drop of luggage?

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