Qantas revamps boarding process

Qantas has revamped it boarding process, with the hope of shoring up its reputation for stitching priority passengers wanting to score some room in the overhead bins for their bags.

According to Executive Traveller, frequent flyers bemoan priority boarding on domestic flights, with travellers saying it’s poorly organised and provides little advantage over the standard boarding queue.

qantas premium lounge

As of 25 November, the airline revamped the process, calling it ‘premium boarding’ and giving business class and top-level Qantas Frequent Flyers (Gold and above, and Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald equivalents) priority to board before economy class passengers who don’t pay for the luxury of fast-tracked boarding. Premium passengers who arrive late will also be able to skip the queue.

“There will be a dedicated boarding time for priority customers,” said a Qantas spokeswoman

“General boarding will not open up until all queued priority customers have boarded the aircraft.”

The revamped system has debut at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth domestic terminals, and the airline plans to expand premium boarding “across all domestic airports in 2020.”

Are you a ‘premium passenger’? Do you find Qantas’ boarding procedures to be lacklustre?

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