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Welcome to the YourLifeChoices Self-Drive Holiday page, where you can find the latest about road trips, places to stay, caravans and motorhomes and the best deals on where to stay.

From coastal journeys to Outback adventures cutting through the heart of the country, a classic road trip is one of the best ways to experience the wide-open spaces and magnificent scenery of Australia.

Self-drive journeys are perfect for the independent traveller who wants to take in the sites at their own pace. With only yourself to worry about, indulge in a sleep in; stop for a walk in a beautiful roadside valley; spend an extra hour on a gastronomic lunch – with your own car, motorhome or caravan, the world really is your oyster.

Campaign to drive tourism following bushfires

Travellers are being urged to consider visiting a bushfire affected area on their next camping trip.

How to ensure your car is in tip-top shape for a long trip

Motoring expert Paul Murrell reveals the keys to a smooth and uneventful journey.

How far can you drive when your car’s on empty?

How many extra kms can you squeeze out of your car when its gauge reads empty?

South Africa: Dairne John puts into pictures what she can’t say in words

Taking the road less travelled from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Do you dare drive down Australia’s most haunted roads?

Fancy a scary sojourn along Australia's most-haunted stretches of road?

Where do we learn about becoming a grey nomad?

Many things in life are assumed, like becoming the perfect grey nomad.

Southern Queensland country road trips to get your engine revving

This region speaks for itself and quietly cajoles you to take a journey.

Research shows Aussies want to stay close to home

A massive 11 million Australians travelled within their own state in the past year.

Three-day Barossa Valley foodie itinerary

Ask about Australia's favourite wine region and most people will say the Barossa.

Queensland Outback bouncing back

Queenslanders ravaged by hard times look to bounce back at the Winton Outback Festival.

Experts call for national driving test for older Australians

Researchers are calling for an overhaul of Australia's system of managing driver retirement.

The best trip to rekindle your romance may surprise you

If you are thinking about a holiday this Valentine's Day, the best trip may surprise you.

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