You'll never believe what tops Chinese travellers’ wish lists

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Wuhan, the centre of the COVID-19 outbreak, has made it to the top of the wish list as the most desirable getaway destination for Chinese travellers this year.

The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences’ Tourism Research Centre has released a report revealing the surprising top destinations on Chinese travellers’ wish lists and uncovering some unexpected travel trends for 2020.

While many travel plans have been cancelled or suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19, 72.4 per cent of respondents said that they still planned on travelling in the wake of the pandemic. In fact, we can expect to see a rise in Chinese seniors and lower income earners travelling due to the affordability of accommodation.

wuhan galaxy at dusk

The study’s 15,163 respondents revealed that they were eager to travel domestically – to support the Chinese economy – and to Wuhan of all places, making it the most desirable getaway destination for Chinese travellers this year. As the country’s tourism industry slowly gets back on its feet in the wake of strict lockdown laws, citizens are eager to boost the region’s economic recovery. What’s more, they are expected to spend more money while travelling than they did last year.

According to Travel Weekly, China has reported a total of 84,393 confirmed COVID-19 cases, resulting in 4643 deaths nationwide. Wuhan’s strict 76-day lockdown was lifted on 8 April, allowing people to travel in and out of the city. According to official reports, the pandemic has so far killed 3869 people in the city, though they are confident they will be able to manage the virus through the mandatory use of a smartphone app that tracks the interactions and health status of citizens.

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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    There is nothing to doubt about chinese wisdom and efforts.They are very hardworking people.One of my chinese collegue shared this post with me.I am so glad to read this and got forced to share my reviews on this.I want you to keep sharing more useful material.



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