Take off on a topless cruise

Following on from its couples-only, clothing optional cruise, Azamara Quest, cruise operator Original Group will launch the first-ever topless-optional cruise.

Imagine standing on the top deck, topless? Sounds quite liberating, no?

The topless concept comes courtesy of Temptation Cancun Resort, which is accommodation that runs under a similar premise.

It’s seafaring equivalent, the Temptation Caribbean Cruise, is a five-night, adults-only (of course) voyage departing Tampa, Florida in February 2020 stopping in Mexico and Grand Cayman.

“With a history spanning over 40 years as Cancun’s number one adult-centric resort and following the completion of a recent multimillion-dollar renovation project, Temptation has become a must-visit destination for high-energy travellers in search of a carefree atmosphere and quality services,” said Original Group Chief Rodrigo de la Pena.

“Our new Temptation Caribbean Cruise is part of an ambitious global plan to continue expanding and establishing ourselves as the leader of the adult travel industry worldwide.”

Areas aboard the vessel will be topless-optional, such as the pools and sundecks, but dining areas and other facilities will require


Read more at www.temptationcruises.com

Would you go on a topless cruise?

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