Worst tourists caught on camera

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Travel has stopped, and all would-be tourists are temporarily in lockdown. We can rant and rave until the cows come home or we could use this time to sit back and gawk as the worst tourists of the past decade.

After seeing these cringeworthy clips compiled by fodors.com, you may believe that hitting the ‘pause’ button on terrible tourists for a little while isn’t such a bad thing.

The destructive domino selfie
Tourists have done a lot of crazy things while trying to take the perfect selfie. Triggering a literal domino effect in a Los Angeles museum, and permanently damaging a nearly $300,000-dollar art instillation by Simon Birch, may be one of the more memorable cases. This has to be seen to be believed.

Overindulgent buffet goers
This video, taken in March 2016, of buffet goers in a hotel in Chiang Mai went viral after it was posted, accruing more than 300,000 views in less than 20 hours. Shockingly, most of the food was reportedly left untouched on the tables. If you want to lose your appetite and your faith in humanity in one go, watch this.

Flyer licks toilet seat
The bathrooms on planes are among the most overworked in the world. To keep things hygienic, some passengers opt to lay toilet paper over the seat before use. Other passengers opt to lick the toilet seat. Yes, you heard me correctly, although I wish I were making this one up.

Man invades Panda enclosure
I warn you, the tussle that ensues between a man and a panda in Nanchang Zoo in China’s Jiangxi Province looks more than a little scary. After a man breaks into the enclosure of a 12-year-old male panda in an attempt to impress his friends, petting the head of the sleeping panda to wake him up, a prolonged wrestling match follows. Fortunately, the man escaped unharmed. The zoo’s manager noted how lucky he was that the adult panda only wanted to play.

Couple climb pyramid and get dirty
There’s a time and place for everything. The time and place for filming an intimate, nude moment with your partner is definitely not atop the Great Pyramid of Giza while on holiday. Egyptian authorities investigated a Danish photographer who uploaded the original video in November 2018.

The tourist with a terrible temper
After this 42-year-old British tourist was fined for overstaying her visa in Bali, a heated argument broke out as she yelled and eventually assaulted an immigration officer. That’s right, this tourist actually slapped an official in an attempt to get her way. Many of you will be glad to know that she didn’t and was in fact sentenced to six months in an Indonesian prison in 2019.

Which clip did you find the most shocking? What is the worst thing you have ever seen a tourist do?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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    British tourist with an Indian accent.

  2. 0

    Nothing shocks me these days but the prawn snaffling buffet diners did remind me of a Med cruise I did a few years ago. Locusts have more finesse with their eating habits.

  3. 0

    Yes, i have noticed chinese and indians doing these in some of my cruises. You would think that they will run out of food – sickening, no manners and worst than locusts. Even the crews are disgusted with them. I am asian, but do not act like these animals and ashamed of these behaviours.

    • 0

      I love cruising but only use the buffet if the main dining room is closed. The dining room is relaxed, you dont have ferals pawing the food and you can get seconds, thirds or just go through the entire menu if you wish.

    • 0

      Yes, when I saw the buffet scene I immediately though of cruise ship buffets. Some people are absolutely disgusting and, i am ashamed to say, Australians can be just as feral as anyone else. Anyhow I noticed on my more recent cruises the self serve buffets have been replaced by catering staff served buffets. Much more civilised and hygienic and less waste of food.



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