New weight loss program helping women take control of their weight

Want to take back control of your weight?

Take it easy on yourself and leave your weight loss to the experts with Juniper Weight Reset.

Backed by endocrinologists, dietitians and medical doctors, Juniper is an industry-leading, evidence-based program that addresses weight loss on a biological level.

For decades, our approach to obesity and weight management has been: “eat less, exercise more”, but the science tells us that behavioural changes alone are not enough to maintain a healthy weight.

Juniper’s Weight Reset Program combines breakthrough medication that lowers your appetite with health coaching from a medical support team to help women lose weight and keep it off for good, developing sustainable habits that stick.

What makes Juniper’s holistic weight loss approach different?

  • Breakthrough medications – Medications that mimic natural hormones in your body to reduce your appetite. This medicine goes to the root of unhealthy weight gain and helps you change eating habits from the top-down, giving you the upper hand and helping you take back control.
  • Health coaching – medically guided lifestyle intervention guided by professional health coaches to help set and stick to a routine
  • Community support – access to a private online group with hundreds of women on their weight loss journey with you. It allows you to post your daily wins, work through struggles together, and get support when needed most.
  • One-to-one health tracking – a weekly check-in with your doctor to track physical, mental and biometric health and to make adjustments to your program as needed.

No more yo-yo dieting, no longer feeling out of control or that you lack discipline.

Juniper puts you in control of your hunger, giving you space to practice healthier diet and exercise habits.

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