App of the month roundup

Browse back over the app of the month picks from the year and discover the best apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and more.


Effortlessly digitise your film photos and keep on top of your New Year’s resolutions.


Keep track of your flights and listen to music for free.


Translate text by just taking a photo and check your emails on the go with the new Outlook app.


Get accurate, detailed and up-to-date weather forecasts at your fingertips, and use your smart device as a hearing aid.


Type efficiently on your smartphone or tablet with Google Handwriting Input, and challenge your friends in a classic game


Use your smartphone to monitor your sleeping patterns to learn how you can have a better nights’ sleep and never forget to take a tablet again.


Keep your brain active by challenging people with this great trivia app and save data with a lightweight internet browser.


With these free apps you can turn the scraps in your pantry and fridge into a meal and use this online dating app to find the perfect match… for your dog.


Tour the world from your smartphone or tablet using Google’s new Streetview app, and unlock the key to hundreds of apps a year for free.


Read an innovative new novel in app form by bestselling author Iain Pears, and get motivated to learn some new skills.


Bring out the DIY-er inside you, whether you’re a woodworker, chef, engineer or anything else. Also, find the cheapest flights possible with the app of the month.


We’ve told you our favourite apps this year, so why not tell us yours in the comments below?

YourLifeChoices Writers
YourLifeChoices Writers
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