Is your Apple charger a knock-off?

According to Apple, a popular online retailer has been selling fake Apple chargers, claiming that they are genuine devices.

A trademark infringement case filed by Apple states that almost 90 per cent of ‘genuine’ Apple chargers sold on popular website are fake.

“Over the last nine months, Apple … has purchased well over 100 iPhone devices, Apple power products, and Lightning cables sold as genuine by sellers on… Apple’s internal examination and testing for these products revealed almost 90% of these products are counterfeit.”

The lawsuit alleges that the fake chargers are dangerous to Apple’s reputation, as well as to consumers as “[the] counterfeits have the potential to overheat, catch fire, and deliver a deadly electric shock to consumers while in normal use.”

Two years ago an Australian woman was killed by a faulty phone charger but despite this and other similar incidents, counterfeit or unapproved chargers are still widely available.

How to tell if your Apple charger is fake

The best way to avoid fake chargers is to steer clear of any which are being sold for much less than their usual retail price. You can also check the list of Apple Authorised Resellers. If a retailer seems suspicious and they don’t appear on the list, you may want to shop somewhere else.

If you want to check the products that you already own, here are some notable differences between real and counterfeit lightning connectors, from Apple’s website.

Another way to determine if a product is genuine is to compare it to one that you know is real and was purchased from Apple directly, or an authorised reseller. A place where counterfeit chargers often reveal their ill designed nature is where there is text on the devices. Real Apple products will usually state that they are “Designed by Apple in California”, they will also be free of spelling errors and inconsistencies. If you’re at all unsure about the safety of your chargers, you should err on the side of caution and replace them.

Read more at Patently Apple.

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