Seven simple ways to improve your life

Who am I to tell you how to improve your life? Seriously. But I thought I’d share some simple tips that the ‘experts’ say will, indeed, do just that. You never know, you may find their advice life-changing.

1. Wake up the same time every day

This is to keep your body clock (circadian rhythm) in check, so that you have the energy to do what you need to do. Of course, it helps if you go to bed at the same time too.

2. Get enough sleep

This goes hand-in-hand with number one for obvious reasons. Not getting enough sleep can lead to depression, quicker skin ageing, forgetfulness, problems with decision making (even the easy ones) and weight gain.

3. List your three most important to-dos for the day

Listing your three most important to-dos for the day will help you stay focused on what needs to get done, rather than getting sidelined by others’ priorities or distracted by less-important tasks. Also, only having three items on the list keeps you motivated, not overwhelmed.

4. Don’t play the comparison game

Your mental health is at stake here. ‘Keeping up with the Jonses’ can lower your self-esteem, and make it unclear for you to realise what it really is that you want out of your life – since you are chasing someone else’s. As the saying goes, “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”

5. Listen to music

Listening to your favourite music is a sure-fire way to uplift your mood. There is a reason that music therapy exists after all. Also, listening to calming background music can help you stay focused and get tasks done.

6. Move

Whether incidental or planned, moving gets your blood pumping, body energised and mood uplifted. So, each day, dance, garden, walk, do the housework … or whatever takes your fancy.

7. Take a moment to be thankful

Taking time to be thankful for what you have is likely to make you feel that you have more than enough – which can result in feelings of happiness and reduce your stress. It also helps you stop playing the comparison game.

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