Are you wearing the right bra size?

Most of us like to think we know our bodies well enough to tell the size of our breasts and, as a result, what size bra we are. Research begs to differ. With multiple sources confirming the amount of women wearing the wrong size is around the ballpark of 80-85 per cent…a statistic that makes it likely you are too!

While you can of course, go and get measured by a professional, not all of us are entirely comfortable with the idea of a stranger prodding and touching our lady lumps. Thankfully with two simple measurements you can determine your correct cup and band size in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll need:

  • Soft tape measure
  • Mirror
  • Pen and paper 

To understand what size you are, you need to measure directly under your breasts. Place the tape measure flat against you skin and wrap it all the way around your torso. Check in the mirror that it is at the same height all the way around, then write down the number in inches.

2. Bust
To correctly measure your bust you need to do so at the fullest part. Place the tape measure over your nipples and again wrap around your bust at the same height until the tape rejoins itself. Write down this number in inches as well.

3. Cup
To calculate your cup size use the following formula:

Bust Size – Band Size = Difference in sizes

Now take this number and note your cup size from the table below: 

Difference in Sizes

Cup Size

< 1














4. Bra Size
Your final bra size is calculated using the below formula:

Band Size + Cup Size = Bra Size

For example; if my Band Size is 32 and my Bust Size is 35, my Bra Size is 32C – as 35 – 32 = 3, which equals a Cup Size of ‘C’.

While sizing of course varies between different brands, this is a good basic tool to work out your correct size as a starting point when it comes to trying on bras.

If in doubt you are better to go up a cup size. Not only is there nothing worse than your breast spilling out of a bra, but a slightly bigger cup will make you look smaller and also help your posture.

A few final tips when it comes to testing a bra:

  • Are your breasts sitting fully into the cup without any spillage?
  • Is the band parallel to the floor? It should not ride up at the back and you should be able to do it up on the second claps without it digging into your skin.
  • Does the front between the two cups sit completely flat against the sternum?
  • Are the wires sitting flat against your rib cage without digging into your breasts?
  • The straps should be neither too long nor short. You should be able to just fit two fingers on top of each other, which will provide the correct pressure for your shoulders.
  • If you raise your arms and twist your body, does the bra stay in place? 


What is your favourite brand and style for bras?


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