Queensland election landslide

25th Mar 2012
Posted innes

Queensland has made history yesterday.  This result will most likely cause big new trouble for Gillard.  The Labor Party is going to be looking afresh for a new challenger, but I can't see anybody there that is near as able as Julia.  It was very pleasing to me to see my prediction come true regarding the Greens.  I wrote on here on more than one occasion that the Greens had topped out at the 2010 Federal Election where they achieved 11.5% of the vote.  Yesterday effort of 7.5% means a loss of over 30% of their support

With Labor left with an embarassing 7 or 8 Seats, I hope that Newman is as good a Premier as he was a Mayor or Queensland, with no Upper House is in big trouble.  He will have a big problem with 75 or 76 newly elected members especially as he is a lot like Rudd & Turnbull in style.

12th Apr 2012

Mussitate, I did not bark out any orders.  I asked 11 simple questions of which you are obviously incapable of answering any.

12th Apr 2012

Just finished getting dressed! 

Yes you did bark orders! and again you are not being truthful, !!!!!!!!

One question was generously answered and more to follow.  In the mean time one of your questions can be answered by looking at my topic "Fascism and the New USA", the fascist laws are detailed there AND in Naomi Wolf's article.

Off now.

Oh!....did you know that the US is losing its world currency status and will not be able to simply print more dollars to get them out of the mire.  

Even though they have exported a lot of their dirty linen to the rest of the world, they will still be hit the hardest - possibly by the latter half of 2012.  

Unfortunately, it will be the average American that will suffer.....badly, which makes me angry.  Sadly, those that have caused this situation and meltdown will sit back in their ivory towers and simply blame those who are unemployed or on benefits, for not taking responsibility for their situation or not breaking their dependencies on state assistance.

12th Apr 2012

I will try to make it simpler for you Mussitate. Lets just try for 1 answer.  How did you manage to find out that the official records were wrong & that my great, great, great grandfather did not come to Australia from Ireland in 1803 as a free mason & my G, G, G grandmother did not arrive from England in 1808?

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