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5G phones and your health: What you need to know

I got a notification that this 5G is going to be available very soon in my area --

I have heard and read a lot of worrying things about it and just winder how safe it is?


It depends who you want to believe, those who plan to make money from it or those that suspect it is dangerous.

I saw many promo videos available from phone companies etc, but this is about the belief that 5G is dangerous.

In the end it is always up to each of us to decide.


I worked for Telstra back when they first wanted to install satellite earth stations in north Sydney, but locals were alarmed about possible harm to their animals from radiation.

The company hired a global expert on electromagnetic radiation from Adelaide Hospital and I helped him prepare his presentations, so had many long chats about the topic.  Suffice to say, the radiation levels allowed in any specific country (or at least most of the democratic/"civilised" countries) are strictly controlled.  I can't remember the figures for Australia but do recall that our upper limits were (and hopefully still are) below those recommended by the World Health Organisation by a factor of several hundreds!

I've never worried about phone radiation since then (or even the higher levels from microwave ovens, TVs, etc), despite the many unsubstantiated alarmist theories that abound from time to time - although commonsense tells me not to "push the envelope" by sticking a phone in my ear (or face!) all day long...

No more dangerous than having a microwave oven next to your ear! Just watch those power levels!


This is complicated issue based on whether or not the radiation is ionising, like Xrays or UV. Dr Karl Kruzelniki explains it in a way most of us non-physicists can understand on ABC science site. Long and short of it, 5G is NOT hazardous, not like sunshine (UV) AND X-rays are.  Check it by googling Dr Karl and 5G. 

I remember that there is a slight correlation between brain tumours and excessive mobile use, but they didn't find a causative link. It is theorized to be from the heating effect of the phone, which is why Telco companies recommend use of ear phones if you spend all day on a mobile phone. 



but that turnedkjt to be from hear radiation,



Geez, I can't even work out how to edit that post. I just moved to Android from Apple iOS and I'm in alien territory. Boo hoo. 


Got a Samsung S10 5G for Christmas cum Hanukkah present. Loving it. Too much fuss over nothing.


Sure would not at present want to depend on 5G in WA Perth ... I hope your Samsung S10 works on 4G etc..... it a very small coverage area as can be seen below.