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A scary thought

Telstra’s crippling outage on Friday cost retailers an estimated $100 million. And it was down due to the humble truck driver stranded for hours because he didn't have cash for fuel to drive home. It got me thinking how easy it would be to invade and conquer this country, especially as Morrison becomes the wagging tail on Trump’s dog and his looming threat of war with Iran.

No need for bombs etc just hack the daylights out of the Internet and we would grind to a halt within an hour or two. With only 23 days of fuel supplies against the recommended 90 days nothing would move.

What do you think?

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sorry I saw a segment on channel 10 Studio 10 and the expert on there was talking all about electric cars and charging...people WILL be charging from their homes....apartment blocks I cannot comment on as it was not mentioned and there was no talk about 5G or 6G

here is the link


V3 Vegas

Tesla’s new V3 Supercharger can charge up to 1,500 electric vehicles a day

Picture link above

I wonder what our kids will say when the world is attempting to get rid of the used batteries?

We are humans,we have the whole Universe to litter ....just send the spent batteries off to the moon can become our latest rubbish dump ... then of course there are other planets.

Ardnaher, Suze are you driving a full electricty driven car or listen to those who had own those fully electricity driven cars they will tell you all those problem....

Even hybird electric cars also had 2 types. One type all way with the petrol engine cut in every now and then... the other the petrol engine did not come on often...

So don,t listen to those sale man.... check it out yourself...

One thing batteried are only good when you charge it slowly....



Wouldn't buy a solely driven electric car to save my life - far too contradictory info abt 'em, & far too early....electricity expensive these days & couldn't rely on an input (they're few & far between now). Can't rely on finding a "plug in" when driving in remote areas yet.


..well I wont be buying one anyway...not at $50K..will need to come down a lot in price for the average punter...will be in a gopher soon so no need to worry...hopefully!


Gopher is an electric vehicle too  :lau


..i am aware of that...and they are nowhere near the price

I wounder if they can give a drive before you buy for 1 month than you will know all the different....

Because wants on the road the price will drop and you try to sell it back you will lose a lot...

So wait for the technologi that work well with wireless charging.. than it will be clean driving...

A electric car it,s not like a computer or a mobile phone you can charge it every where....even in your car....or any place that is a power point...

I am not a real fan but once the market is flooded with them and hopefully the price comes down, I would definately look at a hybrid, where the petrol motor tops up the charge to its batteries.

Plus there wouldnt be such a problem with lack of charging stations

Electric car caddy, the new money spinner,

Image result for electric car with large plug  animated gif


can envisage all these cars on the side of the road running out of power...and it will happen...people will forget to charge their cars overnight...what about electricity need your car in a power!!

Or worse still Ardnaher, for those in bushfire prone areas when the power is shut down?

Thats why I would prefer a hybrid

I am all for doing what I can re "climate change" "global warning" or whatever they will call it next but going to all electric cars...a lot to be considered.  All right for European  countries the size of a postage stamp to brag about all electric cars but Oz is a different kettle of fish due to distances some people travel.

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