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Alarming crime statistics

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Wednesday, about one in three homicide offences and sexual assaults were family and domestic violence related last year.

The figures, which reflect a period before COVID-19 lockdowns were expected to put even more pressure on people in domestic violence situations, pain a bleak picture of the numbers we can expect to see when the figures for 2020 are eventually released.

Among the other 2019 crime figures released by the ABS, victims of robbery increased for the fourth consecutive year to 11,775 victims and there were 58,021 victims of motor vehicle theft, the highest number recorded in seven years.

What do you think of these figures? Do you expect the overall crime rate to drop in 2020, given the restrictions on movement for parts of the year? Does more need to be done about domestic violence in Australia?


The crime rate has sure gone up and seems to be getting worse ---is it drugs? 


Of course. Drugs cause mental illnesses. It's a pity they aren't eradicated. Unfortunately, too much corruption amongst the police and high up people will not stop it.


The Thinker and you know all about Police Corruption how.   99% of Police are doing the job to their best of their ability yes there is corruption and the Police do the best they can to eliminate it but in any organisation like the police you will never eradicate the practice.   The Police are on the lower end of the Judicary you then get Solictors,  Barristers and then Magistrates,  and Judges how come you never mentioned these people.   The Cippers are the people in middle all the time upholding the law and stopping people breaking it.   If you had the guts may you would like to stand on the front line with Police on a violent Demo where bags of shiot and piss are comming over the heads of the coppers and hitting them maybe you could tell everyone how to arrest a violent crook without people filming you and second gusseing you moves.   Maybe in the end the best thing you can do is shut up because you know nothing about the Coppers who fight to do the right thing and many and I mean many end up being kicked onto the scrap heap by the very same Police Force that one served for over 20 years.   Arm Chair Heros whaqty a joke.

Yes, definitely most drug-related. Also a big impact it immigration from Africa which should not be allowed.

Blatant racism...hope someone removes your post.

Spot on. Also judges are to soft.

Sophie the rise of gangs of youths from African backgrounds is evident in Victoria and Queensland as the fight over the last couple of days shows. No amount of 'white-washing' by some sections of the media can deny that. Now many of these gang members will have been born here to people who migrated or came as refugees and there is nothing to suggest they were not properly vetted including their criminal history.

Much like the gangs of Lebanese youth of just a few years ago, their criminality has nothing to do with their cultural background or their country of origin. It has everything to do with the choices they make.

I agree that many should not be allowed into the country -- once upon a time people's character had to be checked out b4 they were allowed to live here now it seems anyone no matter their record,  come and cause trouble -- there are good and bad in ALL races -- so I am not being racist -- and I agree the judges are too soft -- and we do not have enough jails or money to keep the people in them.

People that are into the drug smuggling and such should be severely punished

Also AVO and such should mean what it says and the police should do something -- instead of                            WAITING TILL SOME IDIOT DOES A DEED'



Ah, the old racist card Sophie.  So many people misinterpret it for the truth these days. All things aren't black and white, when they were we had a lot less trouble. Jacka

Actually I think the crime rate across the board will be lower for the period between March and September 2020 given the entire country was in lockdown for about three months and in partial lockdown for the remaining period.