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Alarming study slams bathroom hand dryers

A new study published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology has found that hand dryers found in public bathrooms are not hygenic and be just be spreading bacteria around the bathrooms.

Examining 36 men's and women's bathrooms, test plates were held up to hand dryer air for 30 seconds each. The tests revealed 60 different colonies of bacteria.

“Plates exposed to hand dryer air for 30 s averaged 18 to 60 colonies/plate; but interior hand dryer nozzle surfaces had minimal bacterial levels, plates exposed to bathroom air for 2 min with hand dryers off averaged ≤1 colony, and plates exposed to bathroom air moved by a small fan for 20 min had averages of 15 and 12 colonies/plate in two buildings tested,” reads the abstract from the paper. “Retrofitting hand dryers with HEPA filters reduced bacterial deposition by hand dryers ∼4-fold, and potential human pathogens were recovered from plates exposed to hand dryer air whether or not a HEPA filter was present and from bathroom air moved by a small fan.”

Will this study make you think twice about using public bathrooms?

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I know what you mean Suze - Have you travelled on the interstate railways?. It is shared toilets and the men never seem to aim at the bowl. It's on the floor, walls and all over the seat. I know it's hard to keep one's balance but why can't they clean up after themselves. I always carry paper toilet seats and hand disinfectant. 

Worse in 'planes.

How about waking up in the dark needing a pee and leaving the light off so as not to disturb your sleeping partner. Staggering to the en -suite still dark and aim for the dunny only to find she has left the lid down. Wet feet now and jarmies.

I use a torch now LOL


Oh yuck!

There was another issue on this same topic, that is the lid of the loo has to be down before the flush, due to the water splashing the seat and out onto the floor in some cases.     It was reported that this also spreads infection if the seat/lid is up when the cistern is flushed.

How many times have I read 'reason for living so long' by a 100+ person, the answers are anything from drinking water to a whisky a day.

Personally I am begining to think it must be the back yard dunnie when they were kids, if they survived those old dunnies with the flies, they must have a strong immune system by the time they have reached 50!   LOL

Celia - I remember those back yard dunnies. Boy did they smell. Mum made us sprinkle DDT on the goods before leaving the toilet. How carcinogenic would that have been?. I remember the sanitary men collecting the full pans and heaving them on to the trucks and leaving an empty one behind. What a shocking job. Dad always left them some beer bottles for Christmas and they always left a little Christmas card  "Thank You" behind. 

Hope you wear slippers to the dunny Tom and change your jammies or the poor wife will be drowing in dem germs LOL


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...useful stickers for toilet seat 

... in case he forgets ????

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