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Are older Australians interested in learning about computer hardware?

Hi all, 

I'm doing some research about computer training courses for older Australians and I am interested to know if there is interest for courses that train in computer hardware (pulling apart a PC and rebuilding it, repairing faults). 

Would a hardware course interest you? What types of IT training would older Australians be interested in? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Davey it was kind of you to show me the correct way

to spell computor, sorry computer!!!

I suppose I must blame the keyboard as the 'E" is such

a long way from the 'O' and I was nearer to the 'O'

It is a handicap' not being able to spell correctly,

But I know I can now rely on you to correct me.

I have learnt on the run when something went wrong with my computer. My now computer technican son talked me through a reformat of my previous computer from Vic once. After we finsihed he said 'congratulations Mum, you have just successfully reformatted your computer.'

I have successfully installed a dial-up modem, a DVD burner and in this computer a bigger power supply. I had inital verbal instruction from a son over the phone and took it from there.....


I would love to ,but I,m having trouble enough conquering the software, but thank you for the offer SS

Hello ... seeing as this is a computer thread , can some savy wise pc enthusiast , tell me what     (sic)     means when put in a comment or sentence .  Sorry all , just a mere female . The penny will probably drop when I am informed ... Thankyou Tups

Tupence as like all us professional computer men

when stumped we look it up on Google.

Hi Tupence!

If you haven't found out yet, (sic) means 'wrong spelling'.

Indicates a misspelling or error in a quoted source, in order to verify to the reader that the researcher did not create a typographical error, but instead exactly reproduces the way the word or statement appeared in the original material. Literally, "so" or "thus" in Latin. Usage: There are, according to the writings of seven-year old Andrew, "Manee wayes of riting words" [sic].

Sic is normally written in square brackets - [sic]


Yes SS I would be interested in learning all I can.


Here is another explaination of (sic)

Thanks for that full explanation PlanB.

Due to the fact that my father was a school teacher, it pains me to see so many spelling and vocabulary mistakes in my daughter's Facebook jottings.

It was hammered into me when I was in primary school, so that's probably why I have a hard time figuring out what she means sometimes.

Kids these days don't seem to be taught the we called it.


No they don't Sparkles--they seem to use acronyms all the time these days, even when they are talking

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